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How to Quit Your Job and Find Your Passion

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy.
And today’s episode is a very special one
because I will be talking to one of my amazing clients her name is Herky who
went from an unhappy high stress role in finance and through working with me she
was able to land her dream job in a completely different field in project
management so Herky thank you so much for joining me here today thank you for
having me Linda yeah I’m super excited for us to be able to do this can you
tell us just a bit more about your background and share with us you know
what was going on during that time when you were looking for a job how long were
you looking for and what was happening actively looking for the past six months
and I was getting mixed responses and although I expressed my interest that I
want to move into project management or business analyst I kept getting calls
for random very random replies I got that’s when you open my mind to what is
it that I want and what is it that I am putting it putting on paper and on my
resume and I believe I lacked the clarity in madam that’s why I was
getting random responses you help me shift my thinking – how is my skills not
only transferable how can I showcase my experience I started getting some result
but to be honest I was I did not do my complete homework when I did the
top-notch resume so when I did the one-on-one coaching I was I had you
every week you know I had my teacher and within my homework do and you won’t just
let go of me without you know how much have I done and then I’ve worked with
you on showing my own resume where we are and where we are going so I feel
that really helped me I’ve had some great jobs and some recently not I
wasn’t happy in my last two jobs I do have an extensive financial background
but I was exploring project management and I was really enthusiastic about
moving into that field but I didn’t know at the time whatever jobs I applied for
it kept landing me into not not something that I really wanted but yeah
that’s that’s how it started awesome so let’s talk a little bit about that like
when you were looking for jobs and you were
getting these random calls from recruiters for random jobs things that
you weren’t even interested in I mean how are you feeling about yourself at
that point as a candidate you know you said that you lacked a bit of self
confidence and things but really like can you describe a little bit more about
that like emotionally mentally what were you going through I was feeling helpless
and I was feeling like I’m not going anywhere I can’t figure out where I’m
going wrong is it only me and I did take a few steps to you know boost my own
homes too I went the local meetup and you know had some buddies who were
looking at jobs at that time but I feel like I I was at that time feeling lonely
in this you know in destroyed and not getting any results so not not going
anywhere with it I realized at that time in fact I took a very big risk and I’m
ready to quit right now without having another job in my hand right everybody
should do this but I had just so much faith that on us working together I I
just let it go I let go the job and the entire summer I worked as a nine-to-five
went sometimes more I worked on you know revamping the resume preparing for
interviews and just totally committing myself to it and I feel like it was
worth it so I started working with you on June 15th and August 15th is when I
got my my dream job yeah amazing okay so I love that so to share with everyone
let’s talk a little bit about when you went through the program in terms of
what changed for you as we started working together what did you start
realizing about yourself what were the key AHA’s that you learned through the
program the one-on-one coaching so the number one was after I redid the resume
and I put it on career builder and monster and everywhere else
I got a tremendous response in the field that I was looking for and I was
honestly overwhelmed I thought what is you know going on I got so much response
I could barely handle the calls that I’m getting and I don’t know if it works for
everybody this way but it did for me because every step of the way we change
the resume how does it suit to the job I am applying for so that boosted my self
confidence you know like I said I was busy nine-to-five
answering calls and talking to people and you know being interested other
employers being interested in me so that was a good boost and then our practice
mock interviews that we did that also helped me in preparing myself better I
have performed well in my previous jobs and I had the confidence I had the proof
to back it up that I’ve done well in my previous jobs but somehow I was in a in
that little hole I guess that I needed to come out of and sometimes you just
need a person you know I need somebody to hold your hand and get you out of
that hole amazing amazing so then when you said you got a tremendous amount of
calls are a number of calls from recruiters and employers I mean can you
give us a ballpark like how many calls would you have gotten before with your
old resume your old strategies not having worked with me and then what was
the statistics in terms of how many calls you started getting after so I
would get earlier about five calls in a week and here I was getting 35 roughly
calls in a week Wow it was pretty amazing and my family members were like
who keeps calling you all day and it was summertime so the kid my kids were home
and they’re like I would shut the door on them taking calls so I will that kept
me motivated that kept me going but you know after a month of getting these
calls and giving me the interviews I started getting a little impatient okay
where is it finally leading to when I’m going to get the final offer and that’s
where you told me it’s summertime I gave myself that much time to not worry just
keep going you know just just relentlessly
just just keep going and believe it around August 16th is when I had my
offer in my hand so okay so I also want to touch base on the contrast between
what you were doing before and what you’re doing now because you you clearly
made a career switch like a lot of people out there you know they don’t
just want to find a job they want to find a job that is more in line with
what they’re interested in and like you are more interested in the business
analysis project management space but you were doing finance in the past so
you know that switch I mean did you find it difficult as we went through it just
how did you feel going through this shift in careers
I was excited and scared at the same time but two key
myself abreast of the you know the changes or whatever the requirements are
I took a lot of courses in you know Coursera and I just tried to update
myself on the knowledge and in the new field I have to constantly be initially
it it is a bit you know it was a lot of hard work nothing comes easy so so yes
III did on my part that but having it support took the stress off from me
completely so I could focus on on getting the job awesome awesome
and I wanted to get back actually back to these those interviews that you had
gone on you know you said that your confidence had increased when you were
applying for the jobs and getting calls from recruiters and employers once you
actually went out for interviews did you find that you also were different
compared to how you used to be how you approached interviewing yes I did after
we practiced our interviewing skills definitely it made a difference in not
only in my confidence but is also in framing my answers and trying to
understand what the interview is trying to ask also your tip on having the right
energy yes I try to do that too yeah great and did you get positive
comments from interviewers like at the end saying wow I think you’d be a great
fit like would were there anything that those interviewers had said to you after
you interviewed with them I I got a good feeling from this and honestly the
second interview is when I got the job itself so I didn’t have to go that far
right well I spoke to white I did get a you know like a a very positive feedback
awesome awesome so Herky what really was your
experience working with me through stand out get hired what can you share to the
audience here you know for those who are considering working with me through my
private coaching program I feel it is a great investment in your future it’s
worth every penny that you spend working with Linda in not only achieving your
dream career but also in increasing your self-worth and the tips you gave me are
coming in handy for me even in my current job so I really really highly
highly recommend working with Linda awesome and you know like you said it is
an investment and working with me is an investment
I do feel because it is a premium level service what I’m offering you know in
terms of the level of attention that I give to my clients and the strategies
that I’m sure airing our highly customized for rear
you know what would you say to someone who’s who’s worried about making that
financial investment in the private coaching program stand out get hired if
you see the tremendous change in salary that I got and also like I said I I quit
my job and I’m invested whatever are my savings into you so you have to have
that level of faith and you have to put in your hard work and it is it is a
great investment because look at the results few months down the line you
know where you would stand compared to what you invest now for me it worked out
great oh great thank you so for you what would you say was your return on
investment through standard get hired I feel I got a tremendous return out of it
I’ve got a big bump in my salary and not only Linda financially there’s a whole
circle of you know returns that I got so emotionally and yeah I got you know I
increased my self-confidence awesome amazing just to end things are her key
yeah I just want to say how do you feel now and now that you’ve been working in
your dream job and your dream company as well because I remember you had told me
that this was we’re not gonna disclose the company name but you actually said I
want to work for this company when we first started working together and now
you’re working at that company and in the dream job position that you’ve
wanted as a business analyst and heading into project management which is amazing
so how do you feel now I feel amazing in one word amazing and yes I told you you
told me tell me a list of companies that you would like to work for and I told
you this is the only one that I can think of and this is the one I really
want and it’s not only one of the best companies that I wanted to work for it’s
also very close to home and I can actually see my you know career path
here I’m moving forward going up the ladder tremendous opportunity and I do
see myself as a project manager down the line not far away I feel is there
anything else Herky that you want to say to the
people who are watching you final words of wisdom that you want to share keep at
it join Stand Out Get Hired Linda is not
paying me to say that I’m saying it from my own experience and yes and don’t get
dejected just keep at it awesome thank you so much her key I
really appreciate you the time and sharing your story with
with me and with everyone I’m so happy that we got a chance to do this I know
that other people will benefit from watching this so for any of you guys out
there ambitious professionals watching if you are in a situation where you’ve
been looking for a job for the last little while you’ve been applying just
like her key was and you’ve been going interviews but you haven’t been getting
the job offers that you want and you recognize that you want to get
one-on-one professional guidance from me then feel free to head on over to you can read through the page and from there
fill out the application form and one of my team members will reach out to you
directly if we happen to be a match so that we can start working together so
again thank you so much Herky i really appreciate you spending the time and you
know best of luck with your career moving forward we’re definitely a I’m
gonna be there to support you as you continue your career Thank You Thank You
Linda thank you for all

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