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How to search for a job and where to look

I need to get a job but I seriously don’t
even know where to look. This is very common but you can get the ball
rolling right here. Step number one, you’ve got the jobcentre. If you’re signing on,
you’ve got a work coach who can give you numerous amounts of advice. We have the main
platform which is Universal Jobmatch. Register on there, you can apply for jobs and get CVs
and cover letters on there. Secondly, you’re at the digital age where you’ve got internet
capability anywhere you look so what you can do, you can log on to a computer likes the
ones we have in the jobcentre there for you to use and you can use things like Total Jobs,
Linkedin. Even things like Facebook and Twitter advertise jobs on there all the time, so it’s
always best to have a look. Lastly, I always thing it’s great to be creative. Think outside
the box. A lot of people send their CV’s by email. Why not take it a step away from
there. Send it the old fashioned way. Send it by post. May get there slower. But you
know what? It’ll give you that edge. It’ll be on the person’s desk rather than sitting
in their inbox.

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