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How to Switch to IT Career Successfully in 2020 | Intellipaat

hey everyone welcome to the session by
intellipaat I hope you had a great day and it was a bright Tuesday here so guys
this is gonna be an interesting session and I’m gonna be guiding you through how
you can switch to an IT carrier successfully guys so before we begin
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come to pretty much check out the agenda of today’s session guys so we can begin
by checking out why we actually need to change our carriers my question to you
guys pretty much is if you’re watching the live stream you’re here because you
might want to change your carrier and start building up and an IT carrier for
you guys right so you might want to you know move from a non-technical
background to a technical background as well well personally we get asked a lot
of questions and our course advisors will help you out on how you can become
let’s say your non-technical person and you just want to move to a data science
carrier or something else you just want to learn Python or something so how
would we go about helping you is pretty much this session is all about and I
will take you through step by step on how you can change your carrier guys so
this is the simplified version of it and let’s get right into step one because
I’m sure you guys are waiting I’m sure you guys are excited for this so guys
the most important thing in my personal opinion that you need to ask yourself
you know before changing your career is how satisfied are you with your current
carrier or your current job for that matter because when you think about it
job satisfaction is the most underrated thing right it always you know pretty
much goes unnoticed or it doesn’t go notice for that matter because pretty
much if you’re not satisfied at what you’re doing
or they can be in other cases well let’s say you’re too much into your comfort
zone well this will again hurt if you have very big dreams or very big goals
and whatnot right so guys this is something which is very important and
this is the first step that I wanted to discuss with you guys in case you’re
planning to or you know shift your attention towards the world of IT into
this amazing world of IT that we pretty much live and breathe in every day guys
so I take current job if you do not have a very good work/life balance or let’s
say you know there are some issues I mean there are no places in this world
where there’s no issues right so let’s say you are facing some tiny nags or
something and you just want a break from it all and you just want to dive into
the world of IT and we get asked so many times by non-professional people and
they ask for help of how we can get there so here’s the answer from intellipaat
to all of you guys so pretty much make sure that you know you’re either
satisfied at your current career or if you’re not satisfied if you’re not
satisfied find out why that is that you pretty much you know go about being well
unsatisfied with your job guys because if you’re not then you can you have a
sure shot chances even if you’re ten years old you’re 20 years old you’re 60
years old you can still you know pretty much make or break your carriers even at
these points and then you look at it all the successful people’s people have
changed their carriers at multiple ages where other people would have told them
it’s not possible so step one was very important and I believe adding on to
that is step two guys step two I’ve broken it down into a couple of segments
this is basically assessing what the skills that you have guys the world of
IT might seem demanding right you might wonder that you know if you look at a
sample Job Description it might say you should have Python you should have C++
you know you should know machine learning or something like that you
might be taken aback because let’s say you weren’t you know exposed to all of
these technical terms and technical skills but if you want that job really
badly then pretty sure you need to work on these skills and if you wanted that
bad then guys I am sure because I talk to a lot of learners
and not just me all the subject matter experts here intellipaat talk to a lot
of learners so we know where you come from and we are here to just help you
get across your way guys so if you do not have the skills then we are here to
get you those skills guys so make sure you actually stay tuned till the end of
the video where I’ll be giving you you know where I’ll be giving you total
access of how you can actually you know get your way or certified and right into
the world of IT as we speak so coming to step two a again assessing
your skill is something which I believe personally is very important because you
need to know where you stand currently right you need to know if you’re really
good at Python you know let’s say you worked at the you know you know a technical
support team where you you were not tested on a developer’s role day in and
day out you weren’t writing thousand lines of code every day and now you want
to do it you choose to do it so you need to assess yourself where you are right
now so the job that you had presently well you might have been amazing at it
and that is a very good job but you’ve chosen to do something better or let’s
say you’ve chosen to do something entirely different
I wouldn’t say better so assessing your skills at that point knowing where you
stand because again the codes that I put up I really want you guys to lead on it
and reflect on it guys so put up something that says you know the world’s
a big bright canvas do not let your skills go unnoticed ever so if you have
some skills that you believe you can sell out to someone and you know you can
take a leveraged out of it and you can make sure that these skills can be put
to good use in the industry then guys go for it because step to a is again
another addition to step boy you know to be is another good addition to step two
a because assessing your values at the end of the day is what will keep you
grounded in my opinion because you know your values are everything that you
stand for when it comes to the end of the day right how good are you are you
at your work you know the excellency of your work the quality of your work the
little reliability and consistency you bring to the table how innovative are
you how respectful are you and how willing are you to work in teamwork
right so you know how ethical are you and what’s your integrity when it comes
to working in terms of let’s say professional environments or
personal developments as well guys and then you know coming to the safety and
health and environment as well because again when you’re working with the team
there are a lot of things that you need to consider you know personal
development professional development the team development which eventually all
combined will come under this one umbrella of the you know the company
being a growing and flourishing guys so in my opinion assessing your values
again form so very vital thing and I thought to put this at step two itself
so all your viewers can actually start reflecting on what’s happening guys step
two see is pretty much the last of the step twos you have to you know assess
your interests because you need to know what the carrier that you’re going to go
to right because this IT is extremely big guys you might be coming from data
science and you just want to move elsewhere which is very rare because the
entire world right now is jumping on data science in the first opportunity
that they get you coming from finances you’re coming from art you coming from a
banking sector you’re coming from a non professional you know non-professional
the background which I just said and you just want to get into the world of IT so the
biggest thing the biggest word that the entire world goes gaga about is data
science these days because data type data science took the world by a storm
and I’m sure a majority of you learners enthusiasts and the people are informed
about data science in the comments section can help your fellow viewers out
regarding this case so you need to assess what you are
interested in well again you might have been from finance you might have been
from art you need to gather all the information about yourself because
you’re assessing yourself you’re right so it’s not like you’re taking an
interview or something in you’re assessing someone else well you need to
interview yourself to know where you stand to assess your interests guys and
that brings us to or step three if your figured out one and two correctly step
three should be very easy because you’re pretty much you will be exploring the
carrier alternatives that you can get to you you you can be a pilot and you can
choose to move to Python and become a data scientist well personal fact I have
a very close friend who is who is a pilot a very big airline and he just had
an amazing interest or towards learning Python and or pretty
much his become a date scientist all in five years and that this amuses me
because you know pretty much piloting and Python are very different things
right when you think about it and this guy did it and he’s proving to the world
he’s a big name in data science in India actually so this guy is pretty much I
mean I wouldn’t want to name him guys I mean I just respect his privacy
so this guy’s pretty much doing it if one person can do it I am sure all of
the viewers here can do it because I interact with you almost you know almost
on a daily basis and you guys are the most intelligent people that I actually
you know talk to and work with every day guys and thank you so much to all the
people who actually you know join us in our intellipaat’s community and for the
viewers who do not know we actually have an intellipaat’s community or an entire
page set up where we discuss about every programming language everyone from a
student but twelve-year-old student all the way to a subject matter experts a
software architect a director of a of an IT company is there to help everyone out
you know this is for free we’re not charging anything so this entire
community we’re all the friendly people come together and then you can come
shoot your carrier questions there as well so if you haven’t been there make
sure you visit our Intellipaat’s community and for all the guys who’ve been there
who’ve putting out or firing amazing questions and pretty much you know
making good conversations with thousands well thank you so much guys we really
appreciate that so coming back to the point step three is to explore your
career alternatives and I’m sure you guys will get here if you’ve got step
two right step four is another big thing because you need to set the goal you
want to a majority of the goal of the of this session entirely is to make sure to
get you guys into the world of information technology and the goal
right now let us let us set the cyber critical situation where you we just
want you to get into the world of IT in the most structured easy and
understanding way guys so here your goal is pretty much set so setting a SMART
goal is another important thing because smart I can break it down smart S stands
for specific goal that you need to get to in our case it is to become a data
scientist or get into data science or something I’m just picking up
hypothetical situation as a measurable goal you need to know
that you can reach that goal and have a plan to get there and the next thing is
to check if your goal is attainable or not this is where a lot of the beginners
get stuck they might be wondering hey if I you know can I make it to this I have
never coded Python I don’t know what data Sciences can I come here guys if
you ever you know think about it think twice because you can do anything in
this world this world’s an entire canvas and I’m sure you guys can pretty much
kill it asset in the world of ID guys and relevancy
if you’ve already cleared all these steps you you have come to the right
video if you know that you are relevant or to the topic you you you just want to
change your career into the world of IT it’s a lucrative world right so stay
tuned for a little while I’m gonna give you the salary of for a general ID % as
well and time-bound so if you want to get there in the next
six months next five years next ten years well guys you need to put the work
down you need to make sure that you can measure of how you can get there so step
four is again a pretty much important step so if you can read the code that
says set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning well I
mean come on so this has to inspire you a lot right and I’m sure the people in
the comment section are very excited for this step 5 step 5 is another very
important thing because this is the action plan the ground reality starts to
set in from now guys because you know a goal without a plan is just a wish you
can wish for something but if you want a goal you need to put a plan there so the
action plan is to get you from your non-technical background or to get you
or or pretty much from your let’s say technical background you just want a
change in your field let’s say you want to jump from Java to Python or something
so to get you on the easiest path as the goal of what we can try to do and this
goal in case you are considering it seriously you would have already figured
this out and then I just want to help you get there guys
so step 5 is creating that action plan and knowing where to go from here to
next guys but knowing where to go from here to next will actually be a
challenge unless you know the present situation that you are in right now
because consider all the past events all the past careers that you have done
consider all the things that you’re doing right now
consider and all these amazing lucrative or you know things that you want to do
in the future you want to become a humanitarian who wants to code or you
might want to become a billionaire a millionaire and still a humanitarian as
well I mean the world could sure be use lot more humanitarian side and the world
of coders are actually helping guys so so you need to assess yourself again
this is a sort of a second assessment where you’ll be checking out where you
stand as of now in your present situation because if you know exactly
where you are right now then the next step is amazingly easy you you will know
where you have to go next right so the code again says be so successful in your
life that pretty much your wants will want you I mean how strong is that
statement right when you think about it so coming back to a hypothetical
situation we just want you to become an IT professional at the end of this so if
you want to become that IT professional you have to put down the work for it and
at intelli path everyone is here to help you guys get there as well guys so again
the best way to predict your future is to basically create the damn future I
mean this was a very strong quote I mean I just added a little water there so
this was a very strong quote from Abraham Lincoln and I look up to quotes
like this and I’m sure you guys can relate as well because personally in my
childhood I wasn’t into programming as well and then as things started shaping
up I became this person who wanted to follow a lot of trends and data science
is the most trending thing a couple of years ago and I picked up on the train
and I’m so glad that I did it guys and basically doing that has given me this
this amazing opportunity to be among you guys to be interacting with you guys and
to be giving you this guy this session guys so I’m thankful for anyone out
there who pretty much you know came aboard on my data science journey as
well so coming back to the thing step six is again a very nice thing because
here is where you will actually be putting the work down hypothetical
situation is let’s say become a greater scientist again so here you know you
pretty much your training you finding out ways on how you can get to that
success because to become better you need to train harder you need to know
where you are which you already know you need to
you go next which you already know and now you’re training for that new job and
you pretty much you know working for it you can know you can go about meeting
people who basically know what they’re doing they are in that right field and
you can talk to them and that is another very important thing guys to associate
with people which I’ll just discuss in the next step so are coming to this
search a step well you want to know what carrier you want to go to which you
already have set right now by step five step six is pretty much hunting for that
dream job that you want right because if you’re wise then you know you will make
more opportunities than you can ever find because I have met a certain couple
of people in my life and I’m sure every one of the viewers can relate to so
there are a number of opportunities but it is sort of tough to go pick it up due
to many reasons and some people want to pick it up and they can’t and there are
others who can pick it up but they won’t so this is completely on you guys
because no matter how much I stress on this this is basically you your
conscience you knowing where you have to go and to just help your job search
there are amazing sites there’s there’s no key calm there’s
monster jobs and these are just the top three that I wanted to you know put out
on the screen for you guys there are n number of opportunities you will have
you will have a lot of connections as well you are obviously I expect you two
guys to be on social media to be on LinkedIn go associated with all these
people meet new people talk about their work there’s a very good chance you
might hit it off right you might get a good reference and you might land that
job but then just a reference will not help you all the time you need that
particular skill right so this brings us to the next step where this is the exact
thing that we just discussed getting in touch with all those people so every
time you associate with people just make sure you associate with all the right
people who will improve you always I’m not saying just shun the people who do
not improve you or something but I’m sure you guys catch on what I’m trying
to say right make sure you associate with people who
pretty much uplift you every day at work or you know pretty much at college or
whatever it is and make sure you pick up something from everyone around you
because I have picked up a lot of C++ back and
my school days and college days when I was with this very close friend of mine
and I have heard in number of Tories in are just are in telepath community as
well there are a lot of people who say they just met some random person and
then they had so much to take away from just one person so your job search you
are getting in touch with other people will again at the end of the day come to
the same job search thing that I’ve put I didn’t put getting in touch that
because getting in touch eventually will lead to the job search so I have chosen
to leave the job search there as well guys and step seven is again another
most impressive thing that you will have to do is upgrade your skills assessing
your skills is something but upgrading your skills is something else case
because your you would be tested on your ability you need to know how to grow you
need training you need knowledge you need to learn you need to have the
competence to stand up in the society because data science is a challenging
world it’s a very lucrative world but it is challenging and then training as well
you’re gonna need the right training you’re gonna have the right experience
and all of this will kick start your career straight into the IT world well
if you can read the code that I found this code by a mr. John asked him to be
very strong it says the skill is the unified force of experience intellect
and passion in their operation so probably just take a second give that
code to read and I’ll just grab a quick quick gulp of water and just be back in
two seconds guys yeah so I hope you did that how strong
is that skill is the unified force I mean come on guys you need to sell
yourself because when you talk about it you are basically not misguided but when
you’re among the people let you know they would have known you for a long
time 1 years 2 years 3 years 4 years 10 years 20 years but when you go to an
interview you’ve just known that person for five minutes probably right and you
just have two papers you’re basically one or two pages of your resume to sell
your entire self to that person to give you a very high paying job so you need
to have that skill to make sure that you market yourself because at the end of
the day landing and IT career is all about having the right skill having the
right training and selling yourself or to the interviewer basically guys so to
recap all of the steps very quickly basically the first step was to or
assess your current job satisfaction second was a lot of assessments where
you’ll be checking your current skills your values your interests and so much
more and third you’ll be checking checking out what are the alternative
careers that you can take up in the world of IP well you can become a DevOps
expert you can become a cloud expert and so much more right and setting a goal as
well action plan was another important thing in the second assessment was to
check where you are in your present situation right now and where you want
to go next this second assessment in my life and a
lot of lives of the learners that I have met they have told me that this is the
most important thing that they had to look at so assess yourself guys and then
the other important thing was getting in touch with people knowing them
associating with them learning from them and that brings us to our last most
important thing that is to upgrade your skills throw out guests because you need
to be with the trend in case you are going for that big salary number and to
give you a picture of what’s actually trending right now I can just do that
guys so in the world of ITV of artificial intelligence which has to
take the number one spot guys so many things from hey hey Siri all the way to
taking mankind to Mars or let’s say detecting god cancer prematurely I mean
so much more I just picked out two and if you just check out you know a lot of
content on how artificial helping the world you will be taken
aback and all these guys who are working for it are being paid amazingly well
guys and the next big thing is augmented and virtual reality as well talk about
hololens talk about so many things talk about what Apple is doing talk about
what Google’s doing Facebook is doing I mean all these big companies have
invested billions of dollars into developing something in-house regarding
all these technologies and every one of them is coming up with a product which
is so amazing that it takes us all aback every time we see in case and that
brings us to the next thing which is Big Data well there are trillions and
trillions of megabytes of data which no I would say gigabytes in fact being
generated every single day and companies have the depth in them to handle all of
these big data and there are people there is a working force behind it so if
you want to become a big data expert you want to know how to handle big data you
know a lower amount of data using various techniques how do PR know
MapReduce I mean so much more as its named one or two of them you can do it
you can get there guys and then DevOps DevOps is this amazing thing which shot
up like anything probably a couple of years before right and the number of
jobs for a DevOps engineer oh my god it’s amazing guys so it might not be as
much as for a data scientist or as a developer but a DevOps role is if you’re
thinking that there’s not a lot of programming involved you can become a
DevOps expert easily well you might be right but the job is ever so challenging
that you are going to need the right training you’re going to need the right
skills to get there guys that brings us to the next thing which is blocked in
again blockchain if you remember Bitcoin there are a lot of people who retired
with millions and billions of dollars just because they invested in Bitcoin or
the right time so blockchain I mean bitcoin is just one example of
blockchain and it’s an ever lucrative concept and I’m sure if you guys are
into it you will do the right research you will have the right certification in
your hand and then you will go for address cloud computing I really don’t
think that I have to elaborate on because you guys already know you know
pretty much how to get everything on the cloud because right now if you just
click the picture on your phone your picture is already uploaded and backed
up in your Apple iCloud or let’s see your Google Photos cloud or whatever it
is so it’s ever so subtly integrated that
you won’t even know that you are using cloud on the fly on the go your mails
are stored in cloud I mean everything around you is pretty much being moved to
clouds there are big organization fortune 500 companies operating entirely
on the cloud and having zero infrastructure at their offices and that
is an amazing factor every time I read about cloud computing I am taken aback
guys and this brings us to the topic of what’s the training program I’m sorry
about that so this brings us to the fact of what’s the training programming
languages that exists right now guys there’s C Java C++ Python JavaScript
Lost golang and so much more and among all of these lists there was a time when
each of these languages had their peak but Java was the king of all programming
languages and Perl Python came by guys Python took over Java back in 2013 I
think and then from then on Python is just shooting up there have been trends
which are set for the next 10 years would say python is going to stay as the
number one programming language out there I am NOT being biased to Python
but these are facts from top analytics company that exists all over the world
guys so these are some of the programming languages that you can get
yourself into you can get yourself into C Java C++ Python JavaScript was go long
and they are amazing because once you try to get your hands dirty with all of
these code you will love it guys and I can guarantee that and here’s some
Python facts in case you guys that don’t know mm you know Firefox Mozilla Firefox
this pretty much uses 230 thousand lines of code just written in Python and then
Microsoft Microsoft pretty much promotes the Python development with its own ID
which is visual cold studio so Microsoft feel like hey we’re gonna support the
Python trainer and here is our IDE go and code Netflix pretty much share they
have an extensive library and there are no
to be the world’s best streaming service and they make extensive use of Python
for data science so in case you really love Netflix and you guys choose want to
choose to work with Netflix have that data science certifications and you can
get there guys coming to Auburn uber says you can pretty much that they use
Python or to share the data and between all of the drivers or customers their
back-end their front end and so much what I mean they choose to share all
these informations to encourage developers to encourage learners you
know just get across to our channel which is our amazing this is the
community amazing community that we have here guys so you might be wondering why
would you want to switch to an IT career if it’s a little difficult or something
like that right well guys the opportunities are endless you know the
opportunities are let me just say they are endless because I really do not want
to put a number out there on the jobs that you might get because there are
thousands and thousands of jobs just in one single metropolitan city of India I
mean this is the case for every metropolitan city think of the entire
world there are 8 billion people and there are hundred billion problems that
this world has to still solve you can be one of that person who can solve that
problem guys because there is a very good chance that
if you’re in the world of IT you can get hired by Facebook Google Nassau Israel
in case you just want to look out for the Indian space program Cora Amazon
reddit Netflix Dropbox Instagram and so much more because this entire world
right now trust me is revolving around the world of information technology
because every single company not just the ones listed here every single
company the company that you’re working for right now or you look up to work in
they are driven by a lot of data and you can you can figure this out you can
prove this when you go about talking to people because getting in touch with
people is again very important that I keep mentioning guys so everything has a
step one right so if you always start out small you cannot jump ten steps and
expect to get there right so you take baby steps in my opinion and get there
really slowly because one day if you’re really determined to you know is it and
this IT carrier you can get to one of these fortune 500 companies and be paid
amazingly well for it guys so what do you think is the average salary
of an IT professional is one among the questions that I get a lot and to answer
all your questions here is what it would look like guess so there is about a
ninety-five thousand American dollars of average pay per your for an IT
professional of any field might be a senior Python developer it might be a
DevOps expert an AWS architect and so much more $95,000 in my opinion is a
good amount of money to pretty much have at a level of an intermediate job guys
this is we’re not talking about twenty years of experience and then you are
coming at this salary there is a very good chance if you’re extremely good at
what you do you will get here at the start itself and considering all the
languages that you might develop and considering all the languages that you
have to work in day in and day out because you might mean such interested
in see and I cannot just put the pay off see here someone else might be what
someone else wants Python very badly someone else wants Java so I had to chop
it all down to give you one average pay guys so this average pay in terms of
American dollars was ninety two thousand dollars of your without taking
concentrate into consideration what languages you know and coming to the
Indian rupee pretty much it was ten lakh rupees and this number is just growing
because every time I come to take a session I just pretty much go about
checking the facts what’s the trends what’s the salary that’s being paid and
so much more this number just keeps rising because right now if you can look
at it you know a certain Tier one colleges are offering just thirty five
lakhs for a fresher right out of engineering so you might just know where
the world is heading to right the world of IT is very lucrative it pays very
well if you have the right skills and you can you know you can pretty much do
what you claim that you can do and to get there guys I am pretty sure you
might be wondering okay under it so what do we do how do we go there how can we
enhance of our lower learning neck stress so this is one quote that if you
are a part of my sessions I always say this because an investment in knowledge
always space the best interest case take a second read that again this was again
from the very famous Benjamin Franklin and I look up to this quote every single
day and I’ve been doing the same for the last couple of your skies because no
investment can pay you better or in terms of interest
other than other than knowledge and education guys because if you are there
I mean there was this very old saying that nobody can steal knowledge out of
you right I mean nobody can you know they can steal your car they can steal
your house whatever you want but they can never take away the knowledge and
every time you meet a knowledgeable person you see that this person is
looked up to by many people as well guys so make sure you always in Western
knowledge no matter how old you are you might just be an enthusiast from school
watching this video or you just might be a retired person who wants to just
develop into the world of IT as an enthusiast as well guys so further
leading reading I would really suggest that you are you know subscribe to our
YouTube channel because our subject matter experts you are are putting out
amazing content day in and day out for you guys and we’re taking
recommendations so if you do have any recommendations go to the comments
section put them down because if you do want to help your attent le path we are
happy to help you guys but if you’re not much of a youtube person you do not want
to watch videos let’s say you’re a very good blog reader or a book reader as
well guys so we have an entire in telepaths blog channel which is actually
set up just for you learners where you can come pretty much check out all the
blogs which are published by subject matter experts software architects and
so many more people who just catered or to pretty much all of the learners out
there guys so as I said if you’re sticking till the end of this video I
was going to walk you through our entire data science master’s course because
jumping on this friend is the most important thing guys I’m gonna give you
a coupon in just a couple of minutes as well in case you guys is seriously
looking at this as I’ve already told you data science has been in the rice ever
since before and in my opinion if you have to jump to the world of IT if I
were to do it all again in my life I would always suggest move into data
science guys this is such an intuitive concept because you will be training
machines to become as intelligence as humans guess you’ll be your training
neural networks you’ll be checking out deep learning machine learning and so
much more you’ll be you know building chat chat BOTS with respect to IBM
Watson and and there are many things that you can always do with data science
you there my certain fields that you can say that you
know that you cannot explore any further in the field but I am sure for the next
2025 years data science is going to be the top thing and then there is
something more to hunt for always guys so if you guys want to pick up this
course do note that we are in collaboration with IBM for this entire
project we have subject matter experts from there and we have so many people
from IBM which are helping us to pretty much go about this course guys and for
all those guys who are worried about your timings we have an online classroom
which pretty much starts of the timing which are given in the screen but if you
require a different timing you can always contact our support team and
we’re here to help you guys but then if you chose the self-paced training we’re
again giving you lifetime access to all of these courses and we stand by with
24/7 support but pretty much if you go for the online classroom the biggest
advantage that you will have is knowing that you can you know pretty much go
about having an instructor right there when you have the questions for them
because you can have an instructor you can pause the session you can ask him or
her the question and they’ll be they pause the session just for you and
answer your queries right then and there guys so this again in learning might be
another great thing for you guys so this particular course again has 232 hours of
highly interactive instructor-led training self-paced training we have 253
hours of real time projects we are giving you lifetime access to this guys
as I have already told you data science might be the biggest thing in the next
ten years so let’s say five years from now you just want to come back to our
course you will realize at this point of time that you might be learning
something old no but you are not entirely apart we’re gonna give you
lifetime access and free upgrades to the latest version and we revamp our course
is pretty much every single month to get you know with respect to the trend and
this depends of course wise as well guys because some pretty much concepts change
and some don’t and we give you free upgrades for the latest version lifetime
guys and we have lifetime 24/7 technical support and your query resolution as
well you will get certified and you have job assistance among really big
companies and the schedule can be flexible so you’ll be checking out data
science with our Python for data science Apache spark and Scala our training
artificial intelligence training tableau training data science
with SAS machine learning statistics advanced Excel MongoDB mssql Hadoop
developer and so much more guys so if you just want to know more about the
course I would highly suggest you come up to our entire path site and check out
our data science architect master’s program to get in touch with all of all
of the content that’s being put here dress you have sampled courses as well
you can pretty much check out sample video tutorials of a couple of sessions
that we have designed for you guys and you can get to know in depth of what’s
being covered there as well so we can introduce you to the course here and
pretty much give you all the hands-on exercises that you cover as well and
there are n number of hands-on exercises in just one module so think about I mean
there are five six projects just here think about there are eight oh my god
okay because more the projects in my particular opinion because will help you
a lot in nailing that interview because you can prove to the world on paper that
you have had some experience and you are doing something right and you’ve done it
you know done it and a very good amount of time as well so there was this one
module your Python for later so I said all these other things that I’ve
discussed you can pretty much click on it get all the details about it get a
free sample about what’s going on what you might learn in that course is well
guys so this will what this is what your Learning Path will look like is you will
start with this Excel and mssql and at the end of it you know pretty much you
go about a I artificial intelligence and deep learning tableau training and
thirty fourth week or you learn SAS and at the end of it
you take out a dupe development courses as well and at the end of it after
you’ve completed our entire architect master’s program you are pretty much a
data science architect master and IBM and in association with in Delhi path
pretty much we give you this beautiful looking certificate which will hide so
much value to your resume and help yourself sell yourself better guys so
not only the certification is important you heard in telepath we believe that
your learning is as important as your certification and we always push for
quality content guys because this at the end of the day is pretty much you know
accepted at big companies like Cisco cognizant Mu Sigma or TCS Genpact AXA
where Sony Ericsson again another 80 huge companies are
right ready to pick it up as well you can come breed our raw or review sure as
well you can check out all the fa Q’s of what you might have and if you have any
more questions I would urge you guys to pretty much get in touch with all of our
raw experts who are standing by who are waiting to help you guys so you can
pretty much call us on the numbers which are provided on your screen or you can
shoot us a mail support of the rate in telepath comm if you ever need any help
with any of the courses videos or any blogs or anything in general guys so if
you have any suggestions if you have any requirements of learning please head to
the comments section and leave a comment there I will be glad to help you out our
entire team here at a deli pass would be more than happy to help you out because
you’re we pretty much hunt for quality we hunt for raw pretty much putting out
the best content out there and we stand by our word when we do it guess because
at the end of the day not only giving a good course we stand by with an amazing
support team who stand here 24/7 365 days of the year to help you guys so I
hope you enjoyed the short session and I hope to meet you guys really soon on the
next one have an amazing evening ahead ladies and gentlemen we’ll meet on the
next one bye bye you

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