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How to Use Google Slides *

How to Use Google Slides This video will show you how to create a Google
Slides Presentation. First, go to Google and click on the apps
icon. Make sure you’re signed in to Google first. Scroll down and click on ‘Even more from
Google.’ Scroll down the page and click on Slides. The icon is a yellow page with a white square. Click on the yellow plus sign to start a new
presentation. First, title your slide show. Click on untitled presentation. Then type the name of your presentation. Next, you’ll add your title to the first
slide. Click on the box that says click to add title. Then type your title. Underneath, it says click to add subtitle,
click on the box and type your name. Next, create a new slide. Click on the plus sign in the box, that’s
the icon for new slide. At the top, click to add the title of your
slide. This is your main idea for this slide. In the box below, you add your content. This is where you type your supporting ideas
and your details. To add another slide, go backup to the new
slide icon and click on it. You can add as many slides as you need to
for your assignment. To change the theme, you can scroll through
the options on the right and select the theme that you like. It will change the colors and the font of
your presentation. To share your presentation or submit it in
Canvas, click on the blue button “share” presentation on the top right. Then click ‘Get Sharable Link.’ You have different options for sharing your
presentation. You can set it so that anyone with the link
can edit your presentation or make changes, or anyone with the link can comment on your
presentation, or anyone with the link can view your presentation. I’m going to select ‘Anyone with the link
can view’, then click ‘Copy Link’. To share your link on a discussion board,
go to the discussion, click reply and then right click and select paste. Then hit the spacebar, and that will make
your link turn blue, that means people can click on it to see your presentation. Then post your reply. To submit your slide show for an assignment,
click on the blue submit an assignment button, click in the website URL box, right click
and select Paste. Then click submit assignment.

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