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Human Services Careers

If you enjoy helping other people transform
challenges into personal success, you may have a bright future in human services. Our
career cluster features five distinct service areas: consumer, counseling and mental health,
early childhood development, and family community and personal care. Whatever your interest,
preparing for a career in human services at a Wisconsin technical college is a smart choice.
Classes are very hands on, realistic. We try to incorporate a lot of real life situations.
Technical college classes are small, so students really get to know their instructors.
Instructors are experts in their professions, and they’re committed to their students’ success.
The instructors were amazing and had a real passion for what they were teaching which
made learning a lot easier and a lot more fun.
You’ll also have flexible learning options including day, night, and online classes.
Our graduates are confident in their skills when they take a job, and employers love that
our students are ready to work from the start. Students say they appreciate the exceptional
value they get from rolling up their sleeves and diving into their work. If you like helping
people navigate life’s challenges try on a career at human services. The technical colleges
are the place to go if you want value, substance, comfort, and success. Find your passion and
fulfill your potential today!

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