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I am a Manufacturing Inspection Operator

Always have an open mind Don’t come right out of high school thinking you’re gonna do one thing for the rest of your life. Because you could do 10 other things before that that lead you to that moment. When it comes to manufacturing it’s an open door Manufacturing isn’t just factory work it isn’t just inspecting things it’s an opportunity to learn and that could send you anywhere. Hi, I’m Megan – I’m an inspection operator here at Thogus Products An inspection operator is someone who inspects all the parts coming off of a machine and make sure they meet quality standards before we send them to the customer. This is a knob and spring assembly So, what the operator would be doing is inspecting the parts that are conveyed to them from the conveyor. They then take the knob making sure that it meets the quality standards whatever those may be for whatever job is running. Take a spring and combine the two. We then place them in the trays and a secondary operator someone else who was signed off on the job would come over and double inspect. If you’re running this job because this is a fairly easy one for lack of a better term. You could run this and maybe one or two other machines. So, the operator who is over here currently could be running this and the machine behind us depending on the labor allocation. I have been working since I was 15. I was a manager at the local Hot Topic at the mall. I worked there until I was 20 and then I came here because my father thought it would be a better opportunity and it has been. It was a much more open door than retail could have been. So, with these parts it actually tells us on this little sheet here how many we would be making and we’re actually gonna make almost 1500 parts a day. I like that it’s never the same thing every day. There’s no monotony. You can come in one day you can be running the knobs spring assembly and the next day you could be assembling containers or tape laid dispensers. It’s always something different. Growing up you get this idea that factories are a dirty unclean oily place where people work to the bone and that’s not true at all. This is a very clean welcoming environment and I thought that was probably one of the best parts.

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