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I Froze My Eggs to Focus on My Career

How much did that cost? It cost me $8,000.
How old were you when you did it? Yeah so I did it when I was 29 I just
thought it was a good idea for me because I knew I wanted to spend until
at least 35 focusing on my craft and my career and my company. Were you in a
relationship at the time? Nope not in a relationship, very hard to find a man as
we all know. So can you walk us through where the money goes?
So $4,500 goes to the procedure, initial consultation is free, and then the
hormones cost anywhere from $3500 and up, depends on how many you need for your
body. I don’t know that answer, so you have to go to the doctor to find out. How
did you budget for egg freezing? Yeah I put the hormones on the credit cards for
points even though I did take on a little bit extra work to make sure that
I could pay it off. You have to pay for the procedure upfront so for me I
decided to take a loan, it was a personal loan with an interest rate of 18% I know
it’s a little bit high but for me that’s what worked. How much of the loan do you
pay every month? So I pay a hundred and six dollars and 91 cents a month. Did you
have any debt? For me I do have debt, I have student loan debt, adding to that
debt was not something that I was concerned with. And what made you decide
to take on more? Every single cent I have goes back into the business I’m a
self-made founder it is my baby, but if you had a human baby you’d have to
put a lot more resources into that. So for me it was a better decision to put
it into the business right now and then we’ll see what happens in a few years.
And it costs money to store your eggs right? Yeah so you do have to store them,
you can’t just take them home and put them in your own freezer,
I wish that would be so much easier. But no, you have to pay to freeze them so you
can either pay annually so once a year they charge your credit card or you can
pay for three five or ten years in advance. Every fertility clinic and every
egg freezing facility has a different price point.

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