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I have a WILDLIFE degree

*cutting sound* My name is Valerie Carter-Stone I am a Natural Resources Area Manager with the Cleveland Metroparks. In the Cleveland Metroparks Natural Resources Division a lot of our biologists are specialists we have a wetland ecologist, we have a wildlife ecologist but the Natural Resources Area
Manager kind of incorporates a little bit of all of those specialties and we
focus on specific properties so I have seven reservations that I manage I do invasive plant management and some of our invasive plants we may spray
chemically with herbicides we may cut down with chainsaws or a brush cutter it just depends on the plant and its life cycle and basically how we best can control it This is garlic mustard it is an invasive plant that is from Asia So they actually exude chemicals into the soil that discourage other plant species from growing We have to be very sure to get the roots if we do not get the roots it’s just going to grow back. My undergrad degree was wildlife conservation with a minor in forestry but then when I went back to
school for my Master’s my concentration was actually environmental education. Having a degree is almost nothing in this field everybody has a degree… that
is minimum we typically like to see people who have made that effort taking that initiative to get out get their hands dirty and start learning the
techniques These three wetlands here were created for storm water management. Now what I typically do is I drain the water level down right before we have a big storm and that increases our ability to hold water during those rain events This is how the water would be moving Some of these early career positions are
disgusting they are unpleasant I spent months in a hot attic with a microscope going through bear scat so bear poop… with a microscope to evaluate their dietary preferences but as a consequence I was allowed to go to the bear dens and help pull out bear cubs and hold bear cubs so there are plus and minuses because who would not love to hold a
bear cub

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