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InCommon: One-Stop Career Centers

I’m Brenda Francis and I’m the Career
Center Director here at the Greater New Bedford Career Center. We really have a job-seeker customer and
an employer customer, and to simplify the work we do, we’re really trying to make the match. The individuals who use the career center — it may be vets who just have left service, it could be individuals who just lost their jobs, or it could be someone who maybe is just entering into the workforce. They get attached to a career advisor, so the career advisor will work with you, ask you a little bit about what kinds of skills you have, abilities, work background. It’s an immediate start to a job search—to where you’re going next. We can provide training for them. We have work readiness workshops. We help them with their resume. We’re able to help you with your interviewing skills. A lot of the community does not realize the level and breadth of services that are available through the career center. We can run this work with an individual who has very limited education to a bank president. I think we’re the best kept secret within a workforce system because we’re ground zero. You know, across the state there are so many dedicated individuals who come to work every day and know that they’re going to face
people who have challenges, but they do it with a smile and they give it all that they can, and I think that’s a real important message.

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