Greatra Mayana

Career & Employment Opportunities

Introduction to Trades

The one thing that I would
want indigenous youth to know about starting
a career in the trades is that it can lead to
amazing career opportunities. Typically we’re
underrepresented in these areas. And programs like this will
provide more opportunities that will give them a really
good chance to succeed. It’s a program to
help you decide which trades you want to get into. It allows you to take
electrical, plumbing, carpentry, refrigeration,
just to see where you’re at and what you like. You go running through all
different kinds of trades. And you’ll learn about
how to build things, how to fix things,
how things work, and using your hands
and your mind problem solve and work things out. It showed me the basics that
you need to get into the trades. And I always to go
back home and take that back with me to help my
community with these things that I knew weren’t
offered because it’s such a small community. If, for example, a student
came from a remote community and they got into the
apprenticeship program and they graduated
with a Red Seal and now they can go back
into their community, they can provide a
lot of expertise. That would be a great benefit
in our indigenous communities. It just opens more
doors for you. So you got to get
your hands dirty here. You got to get your
hands dirty there. And it’s just whatever
suits you most. For me, that’s the main reason
that I took Intro to Trades, because I knew that it
would help me and prepare me for my career in the future.

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