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Ivy Chelsea – FINALIST – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education – Indigenous Education

Local language and cultures is quite a
priority for lots of good reasons, and Ivy plays a key role in that. It’s inspired more than just the local school area, it’s also inspired the school district
in a lot of ways. Ivy’s just been a real inspiration for all of us, such as seeing how she’s taking on such an immense project. We’re so proud of what she’s been able to do. She lives what she does,
loves to laugh, she’s fun, and she makes learning fun for kids. She’s so calm and so at peace with herself, I love Ivy. Imagine walking through
Stanley Park, and you’re walking through the cedar trees, and you’re gonna hear
the elders talk from Vancouver, going through Stanley Park. I said, that’s our goal. I just gave them the challenge, and the students rose up to the challenge.
Teaching them how to care for one another, it’s what’s gonna move us
forward because they’re our future. We need to teach him take care of land,
to take care of the people, and take care of the community.

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