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JCPS Academic Services Department

Jefferson County Public Schools academic support programs include a wide range of initiatives that directly impact our students welfare and success. Both in and out of the classroom. Through collaboration planning leadership and support. We offer programs that enhance learning experiences for JCPS students and their families and we provide opportunities that help them thrive. Community Support Services is comprised of the Neighborhood Place, student support services and the AmeriCorps programs which focus on critical wraparound support for students and their family. For example our Neighborhood Place program specialist work directly with community partners so that our families have their basic needs met. Which is fundamental for student success. We have 14 home school coordinator serving in 13 high schools and one middle school within student support services. Our coordinators and mentor students by instilling hope and ensuring that they graduate on time. And our AmeriCorps program provides early dropout prevention that’s focused on mentoring and re-engaging current students. While these are three individual and unique programs our community support services team is united and fueled by passion to help students graduate on time and reach their full potential. The exceptional child education department helps identify all children and students ages 3 to 21 who have or are suspected of having a disability. ECE programs are designed to meet the needs of students who have educational disabilities and meet eligibility criteria in federal disability categories. Services are provided to students in both comprehensive and special education facilities In a range of programs techniques methods and materials is available for individualized instruction based upon the students strengths and identifying areas of need. The primary goal of our Family Resource and Youth Service Centers is to remove non-academic barriers to learning each Center offers a unique blend of programs and services that enhance student academic success. The resources provided to students and families through these centers may include uniforms, school supplies, tutoring, extracurricular activities, career exploration and physical and mental health referrals and assistance. Guidance Services is dedicated to providing a caring and safe environment that supports the emotional physical and academic growth of each student. Through school and mental health counselors, social workers, crisis support and bullying prevention. Guidance services works with students, families and the community to remove barriers so students can reach their full potential. The health services department is responsible for services and support centered on the health and well-being of all students. We know that healthier students make better learners. That’s why our team is committed to educating parents, students and the community. Our goal is to promote and support health and wellness to ensure that all students are provided equitable access to learning opportunities and to support a positive and safe school culture and climate. The Louisville Education and Employment Partnership is a collaboration between JCPS, Louisville Metro government, Metro United Way and Kentuckiana Works. Through the partnership, career planners and schools across the district help students in need of intervention to ensure that they are prepared to transition to college or career. Our career planners are critical to a student’s success as they provide mentoring, monitor attendance and grades and provide career exploration opportunities. The Social-Emotional Learning department is responsible for training, coaching and supporting school staff. To create a positive school culture and climate in every building. This department provides basic training to increase trauma awareness so that school staff, educators and administrators can become familiar with trauma and its impact on students. Training is also provided to school personnel and other adults and youth Mental Health First Aid. To increase awareness of mental health issues among school-aged students. For more information about any of our programs within JCPS academic supports or to speak with a member of our team. Please call 4 8 5 – 3 2 5 5

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