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Job Hunting Tips – How To Change Careers (Easy Way)

Hi in this video I’m going to show you the easiest way to change careers going to introduce you to a simple model that will give you two ways that you can use to make your career change faster and easier Hi I’m Ian Jenkins founder of job hunting secrets dot-com where we equip jobseekers to find new job opportunities in less time now if you’ve been working for several years and you’re looking to move to a new job or industry it might seem impossible given your background so let’s break down your situation so that way we can understand the basic elements of your career change and make it easier for you to make the shift now a career change usually represents either a change in your occupation so when you think job title here or your field mean you think industry so let’s visualize your career shift using a model described in the classic job hunting book what color is your parachute now starting off with the first square which is stage one that represents your old job title and your old industry for the sake of this example let’s let’s use my wife you see her title is as an accountant and she spent the last 12 years or so working in the media industry so let’s say she was ready for a dramatic change in scenery and she wanted to follow up kind of deep interest she had for technology and the trends impacting the technology industry now the easiest move from my wife would be to keep her accountant role and look for jobs as an accountant in the technology industry this would get her closer to the industry that she’s passionate about without requiring a major shift in our skills or certifications now let’s look at the second possibility let’s say she loves the media industry but she just had it with her job as an accountant she wants to get out of the office and meet customers in a sales role this represents a shift in your job title but not her industry while this might sound difficult she might connect with her sales manager in her current employer and simply negotiate a trial period as a saleswoman now this shift of just part of your career makes it easier for you to consider when you just make this one change of the two possibilities in your career the most difficult shift from my wife would be to shift both her job title and your industry at the same time so in other words if she applied for a job as a salesperson in the technology industry unless she knows someone on the inside of a company who’s willing to hire her she’s not likely to even land an interview because she’ll be competing against others who’ve got more experience in sales and technology or both that make it difficult for her to even landed job does that make sense so the two easiest approaches to a career change our to focus on moving one step at the time either make a change in your job title for your industry but not both at the same time now if you’re facing a challenge in your career change and could use some help tap into the collective wisdom of this community by leaving your question below I hope you found this video helpful and valuable to your own job search if you’d like to know more about how i teach jobseekers to land up to six interviews a week then click on the link below if you want to stay up-to-date on more helpful tips like this that make sure to subscribe to this channel and if you’ve got any suggestions for future videos and let me know in the comments area i’ll talk to you soon

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  • Thanks Ian. Nice point. I think, however, that this does now work in all cases. Some jobs don't exist except in certain industries, for example, you can't work as a petroleum engineer in an automotive company. This can work with general-discipline jobs which can be found in any place (accountants, sales, marketing, …etc)

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