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Hey I’m Mohini Agarwal, I’m currently pursuing my BTech from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women. I’m in 4th year, 8th sem. I would like to thank the Placement Boat for taking this initiative where we can share our views with our juniors and tell them all the placement related stuff. I’m placed in NIIT Technologies and my package is 7 lakh. Well, talking about NIIT Technologies, it offers global IT solution in its organization It provides services in various sectors like app development, infrastructure management, and business management and digital services. Basically I’m hired as a developer in the digital services sector. Now talking about the selection procedure Well, the selection took place throughout the day. and all the rounds were conducted on the same day. Infact the result was also declared on the same day. The first round was an online round in which 2 sections were there First was the Quant section in which questions related to each and every chapter in the quant were asked. And the second section was the logical reasoning section in which questions were related to the figure completion Mostly, the question were related to the figure completion thing. After this, around 20 students were shortlisted for the second round. Second round was the coding round, and it was a non-eliminating round. In the coding round, basically the questions consisted of the scheduling, they were related to scheduling in some or the other way It was I guess half and hour round The third was the interview. It was a technical interview. It was taken by two people. Basically, they firstly asked me about my favourite subject that was which I answered to be the OS or operating systems. They asked me 2-3 questions related to that and then they start asking questions from various subjects that we’ve studied till now. They were asking any question from any of the subjects that we have studied. And then they gave certain scenarios in which they asked us to apply certain data structures with which we can solve that scenarios. And justification along with that data structures that we answered. Then lastly the results were announced in the evening around 7. Okay as the suggestion part of view, I would like to say don’t go only for the curriculum thing Do extra things, from certain sites are there like geeksforgeeks and many other sites are there Basically your quantitative ability and your coding skills matters so focus on that. And besides that there are many other subjects that are related to IT like OS, DBMS So study them very well. Do the initial, the core thing about them. Don’t go about the advanced thing. Do the core thing properly and with full focus. And on the day of your interview or the company placement day, don’t get nervous Just use your presence of mind and don’t lose your confidence. That’s all! Okay for any further queries you can post in the comments section And please do like, share, and subscribe to Placement Boat Thank you and all the best for your placement!

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