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Job Search Breakthrough Part 2 of 4

Now we’re going to talk about
exploration and networking because those are critical for you to understand
what’s out there and what might be a good fit for your skills, interests and
values. So one of the things that people get nervous about in networking is that
they’re not confident about what they have to offer. So again that goes back to
the self-assessment when you’re really excited about something people will tune
in to that and if you say hey I’m really excited about talking to people about
XYZ they’ll want to support you and they’ll want to match your enthusiasm
but if you’re not really sure and you’re just kind of like all over the place, I’m
thinking about this or that, then it’s really hard for people to help you. So
again you want to be clear about your target so that you can be confident as
you’re going into networking. The other thing that I see clients struggling with
is that they just want to stay at home and just research and send out emails.
You have to get out there find some meetups, groups to connect with, again the
Stanford Alumni Association has many opportunities if you actually have gone
to the Stanford Alumni Directory then you might suddenly find a whole slew of
alums that are available to talk to you. Really utilize them. You never know where
that job lead will come from. It might come from, you know, a specific career
focused networking event, but it might come from naturally talking to someone
on a hike and being curious about them right? So networking at the end of the
day really comes down to being curious about other people and being willing to
ask for support. So a big paradigm shift for people around networking is to let
go of, oh I’m out there begging for a job who’s out there that could possibly help
me? I got to go find that person, then I gotta like bother them with the with ask
for help. If you could shift it so instead of feeling like you’re out there
begging for a job, shift it to you’re offering your time and talent to someone
who really needs you. People want to help right? I think we’re
naturally attuned to wanting to help and learning if people aren’t responsive,
to remember not to take it personally. That everyone is just doing the best
they can with what they have and it’s our job as the job seekers to be
politely persistent.

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