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Job Search Tip: Use the Job Boards

Hi everyone. It’s Andy LaCivita, found of Milewalk and
the Milewalk Academy, and award-winning writer of the Hiring Prophecies, here with today’s
two minute tip. I want to talk about job boards. You know, I know a lot of you struggle with
how to find that next great opportunity and there’s a lot of conflicting insight in the
market as to what the best route to do that is. First thing I want you to understand is, based
on statistics that we gather from our candidates, if you earn $60,000 a year or less, you have
a 44% chance of finding your next job via a job board. That’s collection of data from people that
we interview every day. We ask them how they have found their previous
jobs. We’ve broken down the data. I want you to know that job boards are very
much here to stay. Collected 23 of them broken into the best
general sites that I’ve seen, and the best niche sites that I’ve seen. I have a handy download that you can take
with you right now. If you’re interested in more information about
how to target the best companies during your job search, I have a six minute video on my
blog post about that. You can click the link and watch the full
video, if that’s helpful as well. Until next time, have a good one.

3 Replies to “Job Search Tip: Use the Job Boards”

  • Hi Everyone! Let me know what job searching issues you're having whether you're using the job boards or other means. I'm here to help!!

  • Hey Andy…I just used Jobscan to match my resume to a job I found posted on Indeed, and the result was good (86% match). However, when I entered the employer name and website Jobscan indicated there was no ATS matched to the employer. Consequently, would you suggest that I locate a hiring manager at the organization to whom I could send my cover letter and resume, as opposed to applying thru Indeed? Thanks!

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