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I’m graduating in May and like a lot of other seniors graduating in May, this job searching thing is becoming a little bit overwhelming. Students when they come for the first time often times don’t even know what they don’t know So sometimes students don’t even know what to ask and that’s okay to not know what you
need when you come into career services. But, common concerns are that students know that perhaps they need experience related to their field or major, but feel really unsure as to how to go about getting that experience. I have submitted some application materials and I’ve had a few interviews. I’ve been declined. I feel like I’ve gone through it all and I’m starting all over at the beginning with submitting application materials. Tell me why you’re here today. What do we want to talk about? (Laughing) Well, I am stuck in the job searching process because I
am not sure what types of jobs I should apply for, especially I feel like I have a lot of
experience when I look at my resume, but then where do I take it from here. And, I’m graduating in May. So… There’s a little Pressure. Yes! (Laughter) I think when students are feeling a little bit
overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, one of the things we really work with them on is some self
assessment and some reflection on who they are as a person, and what they are looking for. What I’m getting at too is what are some
activities and values that surround jobs or things you’ve done that really mesh and don’t feel like work. Because then if you can find positions that duplicate that you’re right, you go to work and think I am so lucky verses ugh!– I have to get out of bed
and go to work again today. That can sometimes be the primary reason why indecision is out there, because people haven’t thought about what interests them the most, what skills they really want to use in a
job, maybe what is important in their values. And by walking through those sorts of things, often times students have a clearer picture of what
type of position or what type of organization may be a better fit for them based on
doing some self reflection and self assessment. So, if you can start to think about what companies or
organizations are doing what I want to be doing, how can I target them and how can I
connect with a human-being at the organization to find out more about them and make a friend. And then what you are doing is networking even though
no one likes that word (Laughter), but it helps. You know the internet’s a really great tool
out there to research and gather information. But most students find their greatest success and greatest satisfaction when they job search through networking and talking with people and word of mouth and I think sometimes students underestimate how much getting out
and talking to people can make a difference in not only finding a job, but finding a
job that is the right fit for them. But I am finding that the better jobs that I
hear about are from people I have met. If you just tell them “Oh, I’m actually graduating
in May and I’m looking for a job,” they’re like “I know this person” or “What about this job?” and I have found a lot more networking connections. I have students in my class do an informational interview and about
5 or 6 per semester in a class of 30 either get a job offer or a job lead from
that, because they have made a human connection their not just a number their not one of
4,000 resumes that have come across online. Well, I am a person who likes to
do things well and maximize ever opportunity so to be honest with you I got a rejection letter and I kind of put my job search on hold for three
weeks and I said “I don’t want to deal with that.” And started a new semester getting back into
things and I’m going to start again. Being resilient is one of the most important
qualities when a student is job searching it’s pretty much a fact that people are going to not get interviews sometimes or are going to get rejected even after having
what they felt like was a good interview. So, we want students to just go into this expecting that
that’s going to happen and being okay with that. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a qualified candidate or aren’t a good person and to try to separate that from the outcome of these job interviews. I know a lot of students with different organizations who go
and interview a second time maybe the next year, maybe it was for an internship, now it’s
full time and they get the position because that shows perseverance and motivation. (Background conversation) (Music) So I’m here today at the U of M Job and Internship Fair
after Heather my career counselor told me that I should probably come and talk to some employers that I found interesting. So, I prepared my resume and I’m going to go and
see if they can answer a few of my questions. You can see the web site on there. We keep that posted
all the time with all of the current positions we have. We are a company that has over 50 centers in the Twin Cities. So what do you guys like most about your jobs? Oh, absolutely, I’ll Start… My experience at the career fair was great. I really was excited to network with employers there
and enjoyed putting a face to an organization. Some of the organizations I followed up with and applied for positions, others I realized it wasn’t the right fit. But, I’m glad that I went and it was exciting
to see all of the different opportunities available and it really just made me excited to start job searching again. A lot of people feel the pressure of I have to pick something
and be happy with it for the rest of my life or I have to find the perfect job the minute I
graduate– and I think that’s too much pressure for people. You have to go and try a few things and
figure out what you like and you don’t like and know that you can adjust your situation. I do think you should try for something you are excited about
and not just take the first job that you saw posted, but really do a more strategic and thoughtful approach to your job search
where you look at what your values, strengths and talents are and how you can apply those in an industry
that you are excited or interested in. I’m across the spectrum in my job search. I’m applying for positions, I have an interview lined up with an organization and I’ve had three interviews with a different organization and I am
looking at a possible job offer and completing that process. If you can figure out how to connect with
that organization before you even interview, you’re going to have an advantage over someone because you
have a better sense of the corporate culture you have a better sense of what you’re getting into and hopefully you’ve made a friend before you go into
the interview so you feel more confident and comfortable. I’ve always had something lined up. You graduate from high school and you know you’re going to college and
each summer you know where you’re going to have a job. In 5 weeks, I don’t know where that job is going
to be, however, I am really optimistic about it. I feel that after talking with career counselors
and embracing the process of interviewing and getting all of my references, resume and portfolio together I am confident. And if I don’t have a job after
graduation for a few weeks that’s okay but at least I know I am trying and doing my best effort.

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