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Jobs in Theatre for Actors Explained | Survival Employment

Hi, I’m Ashlee and this is Actions for
Actors. Today we are talking about exploring other employment opportunities.
I want to talk about a few other ways that you can be employed and make money
as a performer and other types of ways that you can work in this industry as a
theater musical theater or whatever your specialty might be. There are three
categories I want to discuss. The first category is other performing
opportunities, the second category is teaching opportunities, and the third
category is creative opportunities. Perhaps you haven’t thought of these but
there are many other ways that you can perform and make money and make this
part of your career. Have you ever thought of working on a cruise ship? You
can literally travel all of the world, make money and be a performer in not
only musicals but revue style shows with a live band, on state-of-the-art stages,
amazing costumes, and get to travel the world while getting paid. I’ve done this
a lot myself this is how I got started and it was a wonderful opportunity for
me to learn and grow as a performer and for me to also make money before I went
back and moved back to New York City for the second time. Theme parks is another
wonderful opportunity for you to perform more than just Disneyland
we have other performing opportunities like Universal where if you do
stunts or any type of other specialty entertainment you can use those
specialties in the facilities that are available specifically at Universal or
any of the other theme parks that are in California. There are also many theme
parks throughout the country in the Midwest also on the East Coast that do
shows not only year-round but specifically in the summertime so it’s a
great summer job. I know a ton of friends that have done this and it’s a great
opportunity for you to perform, make money, travel, and see different parts of
the country. Check out what theme parks are in your area or what auditions
are coming up for them sometime in the near future if that is interesting to
you. Dinner theater and revue style shows is another great way to perform. There
are some in the west coast and the east coast and quite a lot still in the
Midwest that do shows onstage while dinner is being served. Another great
opportunity is working in children’s theater or theater for young audiences
not only our theater for young audiences companies all over the country but there
are also many touring productions where you can travel the world performing
Children’s Theater and it’s a great opportunity for you to get experience
working on stage and to be able to travel and make money doing it instead
of just being in a musical. Even professionally we have a lot of
companies that are putting on theater for young audiences productions that are
at a high level and it’s a great way for you to get experience. It’s a different
type of performing but a great way to earn money while still being a musical
theater performer. Category number two is teaching
opportunities. You can make money by teaching what you know, what you do
really well, what your specialization is to other people not only adults but
people that are high school students, that are in middle school, and young new
upcoming artists. This is something I did quite a lot in undergrad but still even
now after I went and got my masters in musical theater teaching became a
passion of mine. It’s also a great way to earn money and have employment while you
are still continuing to pursue a performing career. If you have experience
as a musician you could teach music lessons, you could teach dance classes,
voice lessons, you could teach anything that you do already that you have the
skill and the knowledge in to other people around you. Perhaps you are
certified in yoga or you’re certified in Pilates. It’s something that you
passionately do on your own as well already as a performer, you can make
money teaching that to other people. Consider getting certified in yoga or
pilates if that is something that’s interesting to you. What I did was I went
to graduate school and got a masters of Fine Arts in Musical Theater so that I
could teach at the college level. Teaching is something I am extremely
passionate about and that I love doing so that I can be not only just a teacher
or just an artist but a teaching artist. What I did was go to graduate school
so that I could teach at the college level and that allowed me to teach
during the day and perform in the evenings and it was a great balance for
me. You have to find what is right for you
and this is just another opportunity for you to make money and to have employment
while you’re focusing on your performing experience and your performing career.
Category number three is creative opportunities. What do you do really
well that you want to now take and experience on the other side of the
table? Do you want to be a director, a choreographer, a music director, a casting
director? Do you want to focus on being one of the designers like scenic,
costumes, lighting, properties designer? Do you want to experience what it’s like to
be a casting director or a stage manager or working behind the scenes in
something that you not only have the knowledge in, that you have the
specialization and the desire to use to your benefit and your advantage and to
find employment in other areas. Now your action is to start brainstorming,
researching, and exploring other employment opportunities for yourself as
a musical theater performer. Remember stay focused on what you do really
really well and riff off of that idea. Thank you for watching! Have a great week
and I will see you at the next video. If you want leave me a comment at the
bottom so that I know what you’re working on and other ways that you have
found a way to find employment in musical theater. I’ll see you the next
video don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the next weeks videos
and I’ll see you at the next one. Thanks! Bye!

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