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Kansas Education Employment Board Website Tour

Welcome to the redesigned Kansas Education
Employment Board website. The changes and additions you will see will
improve your experience posting, browsing information, and applying for open positions
throughout Kansas districts. In this video we will familiarize you with
the new layout and introduce new features. Let’s start on the homepage. Here, you will find a navigation bar across
the top to access pages throughout the site. In addition you will find a job search box
that will pull related jobs from those currently listed in the job list page; a list of the
most recent jobs posted to the site; and information about the Kansas Education Employment Board. A quick note introducing a change to the account
login page: In order to log in successfully, you must select the correct account type underneath
the login credentials boxes. If you are an employer, select the employer
option. If a job applicant, select the job applicant
box. Your login credentials will not work if you
have selected the wrong account type. Most job applicants will spend their time
in the job listing page. By default, you will see a list of all jobs
currently posted to the site. You can filter the displayed listings by region,
category or both. Click “View All Jobs” to clear any filters
and return to the full job list. Selecting a job from the list will bring up
information entered by the employer about the open position. Some job postings may require additional steps
to apply. Please read the job description thoroughly
before applying. Job applicants will also find the employer
list helpful when searching for open positions or district contact information. One new feature users will find is the job
listing map. By navigating to this map from the employer
list page or the home page, you will see districts throughout Kansas who are listed within the
KEEB site. This interactive map can be enlarged and moved
to display districts in different areas. By clicking on a district, you can see district
information and any jobs currently posted. The same information can be accessed by clicking
on a district in the employer list. The help and resources page includes several
links. Frequently Asked Questions are answered about
using the site as an applicant or employer. How-to tutorials walk you through common actions
on the site such as editing or posting a job position. The section on becoming a teacher walks users
through the steps necessary to become a teacher based on your current status. The teacher prep page lists approved teacher
preparation programs in the state of Kansas. Clicking on a university name will navigate
users to the university’s webpage. A list of online programs is also available. A brief overview of the licensure process
is found within the licensure section, in addition to contact information for further
questions. We hope you find the new Kansas Education
Employment Board website helpful. Applicants should enjoy a new, informative
site for becoming a licensed, employed teacher within the state of Kansas. Employers should find clear steps for posting
jobs in order to employ applicants within their districts. For questions about the site, please contact
Johnna McColm or Julie Jameson by phone or email as listed on the site.

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