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Kelly Grivner-Kelly: Building a career as a military spouse

I’ve moved over five times in the past six years. I saw it as an adventure, traveling around the country, I didn’t realize how it could affect one’s career. I knew my skill set, I knew that I was highly educated, I had years of experience in the human resources field, …I had my Master’s Degree, so I thought I was set. When I moved to North Carolina, I didn’t know a single person so I had no network here. No friends, no family, which is the hardest part about being a military spouse Especially when your loved one is deployed. You’re kind of in this by yourself. I was unemployed for about six months, applying for a hundred jobs a day, it’s tricky finding remote work online. It would have been nice to have support
going through such a hard time. Currently I work for an employer who’s super flexible. Working remotely gives me the ability to take my job wherever I go. That’s a huge relief just knowing that on our next move, I get to hang on to the job that I love so much and I can grow within the job. Just looking back on all the challenges I have overcome, I’m definitely a stronger person today because of it and I’m ultimately super proud to be a military spouse.

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