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Le métier de Véronique Bouffard: Développeuse de communautés

My name is Véronique Bouffard and I am a Community Developer on Rainbow Six. Today, there are a lot of platforms on which players can express themselves and tell us what they think about the game. Our role is to look at these discussions of what people think and bring possible solutions or improvements to the game creators. There’s a constant dialogue with others, Whether it’s players, your marketing team, or game designers. So, it’s a job that requires collaboration with many others. I would say that it requires good analytical skills. Because we receive a lot of information that we have to sort through and manage. It also requires creativity, because we work with several teams, with different constraints. So, if you come up with creative solutions, it’s a big advantage. I really like competitive gaming and e-sports. I performed pretty well. I think it’s these first small victories that really sparked my passion for gaming. It convinced me that I was able to succeed in this field After secondary school, I went to Cegep for humanities, specializing in psychology Next, I got my Bachelor’s at the University of Sherbrooke in communication, writing and multimedia. Finally, I knew I had an interest for community management, but also for game design. I specialized in game design at the University of Sherbrooke. From there, I leaned towards community development. To see the creation of these communities whether it is fans cosplaying, making videos, or fan art of our characters… You can’t ask for anything better.

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