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LeaderStories: ZuQuan Rooks on Getting “Unstuck” in Your Career

When I got the job at Per Scholas it
was in the middle of a recession so I had gone some time without stable work. I began to play safe and I didn’t want to rock the boat. After several years there
was this persistent sense of unfulfillment that haunted me. I had come
to a near standstill in my career and my motivation. The Leadership Academy
reactivated me it it showed me myself. The coaching. Wow! It cut on all the
lights and it allowed me to see where I was doing things right and where I
needed more improvement and how to improve. My boss has always been very vocal about his belief in my abilities and my leadership skills and what I’m capable
of bringing to the table. I had a conversation – one of the most heartfelt
conversations I had with my boss I said I’m ready to take ownership of my career,
I’m ready to take the lead. He said that’s
the ZuQuan I’ve been waiting on and I knew he was there.

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