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Learn about Farm Animals | Educational Farm Videos for Kids | The Mik Maks ‘Day Out’

Hi Mik Makers today we’re
visiting our friends at Fun Farm 2 U to see some farm animals
ah it’s Joel as well if you’re playing we might see a lamb Hey we might see a
duck we might as rabbit I hope we see an Al…Paca come on let’s go look what we found over here
come on everybody look at this Joel who’s this? isn’t he beautiful this is
patches the Alpaca he’s only five weeks old so he’s just a baby isnt he
absolutely beautiful hes got a beautiful long neck, a lovely black coat what are you feeding him Joel? I’m feeding him a special
formula baby alpacas it’s gonna make him nice and big and strong he’s just
beautiful he’s hungry and look who we have here well it’s a lamb that’s right
lambs they grow wool which are good for making clothes yeah now this lamb he’s
to type of colors do you know what colors they are that’s
right we’ve got black and white he’s a black and white lamb I think he’s been
having some lunch look he’s got some straw hanging out of his mouth lambs love
to eat straw and grass he’s got some beautiful green grass in this paddock to eat good job lamby how did you say something can you talk for us man
hmm I don’t he wants to talk today hi guys let’s check out what’s in the
barn let’s duck inside come on Joel what have you got? come in closer look I’ve got a baby Duck Isnt he absolutely beautiful. and bright yellow and he’s just started
to grow his winter feathers what’s your name for the winter and he’s got a
beautiful long bill that he scoops down into the water
any scoops have bugs and all delicious types of things to it and he can also
deep down into the mud if he wants to and look at his feet it’s got a little
webbed feet here that he opens up his claws and it helps him go through the water
and swim Maybe his names Bill look who we have here it’s a soft cuddly
rabbit that’s right can you see his little nose
twitching? Twitch your nose like a Rabbit rabbit and he’s got soft beautiful ears
is his easiest got one too yes he is I look people come to say hi to everybody
hello everybody so anything see these whiskies around
his nose he is very soft and warm this little guy aren’t you he’s absolutely
beautiful it was a girl sir all the animals here at fun farm to you thanks
so much for having us fun fun to you we can’t wait to come back some made this
so been a lot of fun Joel it’s time to go Al we’ve had a great day out but it’s
time to go I have to go now we do it almost seemed to get drums of Panda
where is he

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