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Learn Medical Spanish: Names of Medical Professions and Specialties in Spanish

hey there I’m Rory foster one of the
lead instructors here at common ground international thanks for joining me
today today we’re talking about professions and specialties which is
also the same vocabulary in most contexts for the department name like at
a hospital or a type of clinic that sort of thing and so we’ve got a whole list
of medical Spanish professions that you totally want to nail so that you’re not
talking about heart doctors and arthritis specialists and things like
that you can use the exact vocabulary just like you would in English and so
today let’s talk just briefly about the relationship between the name of the
profession and the name of the department or the specialty before we
get there though the one verb you have to use is the verb Ser you are not going
to say “yo estoy médico” you’re going to say yo soy enfermera,
yo soy terapeuta físico, yo soy doctor, yo no soy cirujano. And so
it’s never estoy, it’s always soy and of course usted, ella es, etc. So we’ve got our
verb down so let’s move on to some common professions and their
corresponding departments or specialties and so we’ve got por ejemplo: médico
the specialty here for médico is medicina, medicina that’s important
because if you’re an estudiante, you’re un estudiante de medicina and in fact we’re
gonna see that if you’re un estudiante you’re always going to be an estudiante
of this department or specialty vocabulary not a student of the
profession so médica medicina enfermero, enfermería let’s get a little more technical
cardiólogo, cardiólogo is a specialist in cardiología. — Oncólogo, oncología. Oncólogo is a specialist in oncología. Now these are some great
examples because they’re actually pretty representative of how these professions
relate to their specialties professions are often going to be ending in some
sort of -ólogo” or of course for the female equivalent -óloga”: cardióloga,
oncóloga, and then the department of the specialty will almost always and in
some sort of -ía, and so we’ve got radiología radiology, oncología here,
podiatría pediatrics, y obstetricia obstetrics, ginecología gynecology. You
can see this is your pattern okay that’s all there is to it using the verb Ser
and remembering that your professions are going to end in some sort of -ólogo
and your departments or specialties will end in some sort of -ía most of the
time head over to the blog post get your free download so you can have all this
free vocabulary to study when you’re ready to work on it have a great day

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