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100 Replies to “LET’S TALK SELF-EMPLOYMENT AND MONEY | Chatty Get Ready With Me”

  • Love that you arent afraid to branch out to other content! Also if I saw how many germs are in my beauty blender, I think I'd stop doing makeup altogether

  • While you're in Vegas you might like to check out Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum. It has LOADS of true crime related objects such as Ed Gein's cauldron and Dr. Kevorkian's van.

  • I always let ads play out on your videos. You're the only one I do this for because I know how YouTube do you. Ps you're beautiful with/without makeup 💕

  • Pleeeease do a video on the titanic, there are so many interesting mysteries within the tragedy more than just why it sank!

  • £99 mystery holiday? Sounds like the sort of thing someone would go on if they wanted to be the subject of a true-crime video!

  • I like that you’re a “real YouTuber”, that you post content YOU want to post and are genuine instead of trying to get views and use clickbait. Not that I don’t want you to have money lol, but your realness is one reason I watch your videos before other youtubers. 🙂

  • I loved this so much. It was nice to get an update on how you are doing self-employed. So glad it is going well and hope it just keeps getting better

  • I’m exactly the same about lifts! Just something about them that I can’t do!! I hope your doctors sort you out and you can enjoy your holibobs! ❤️

  • Could you make a video about BSU of FBI – I am watching Mindhunter and there seems to be a very good history (not very old but still) about how the profiling of serial killers came to be what it is today. Just a thought. Enjoy Vegas and I realy hope elevators don't cause to much stress. I am holding my fingers crossed. You are lovely and are doing great job on YT. Cheers from Slovenia

  • I just wanted to say i came across one of your videos that focused on the Black Doodler. I just wanted to let you know it help inspired the film I'm producing called SKETCHY (tales of the black doodler.) I was already working on the film before i saw your video. but you video further inspired me to move forward on it… keep going with your content. very inspiring.

  • I love you! You're such a nice person and you're so pretty. Carry on with what youre doing you make so many people happy 💕

  • The hotel has to have a staircase somewhere in the case of an emergency. If a fire were to break out on the top floor, there has to be a set of stairs for the residents to evacuate. I’m sure you’ve already thought of this but it may be worth asking the hotel about this to see if, in the circumstances of your health, they can give you access to these stairs 🤗♥️🌟

  • Vegas always has tons to do!! The Fountains of Bellagio are beautiful of course, walking around the fancy casinos is fun even if you don't gamble, you can basically just walk around and you'll eventually find something you like. The Strip and Fremont Street are the busiest but there's still tons of shops, casinos, bars, clubs, and restaurants outside of them. I personally just like walking around the city at night and looking at all the people (there will be hoards of people on the Strip at all times, just a warning) and all the lights. Also tons of family friendly stuff like museums & shows, Vegas has it all pretty much. Hope that helps 😊

  • I get so annoyed when you get demonitised 🙁 and i get sad as well, you deserve so much more. You do so much work. Like so much, and you get so little. I really hope your alright and your videos get monetised, i will continue to watch throughout each ads. I love you 😑💗

  • I'm claustrophobic with a lot of people and also can't use the bathroom with the door shut. Vegas had so many people on the street I couldn't take it. But their lifts are usually big so it'll be different you can do it.

  • Out of interest how much do you tend to make from a video that's not demonetised? Just as a comparison. And once it's demonetised is that it? There's no contesting it?

  • Love hearing you talk about self-employment, I left my office job earlier this year because it just wasn't right for me and wasn't bringing me any joy. Pretty scary decision to make, but totally worth it. Now I'm working on my freelance videography while I have a part time job to pay the bills.

  • Georgia i lived in Vegas for many years, my family all lives there. Make sure you go to Fremont Street! Idk if you’re wanting to do stuff off the strip or not but the Valley of fire or Red Rock is absolutely beautiful to go drive/hike. Do the touristy stuff, especially if you’ve never gone to Vegas before, like the statues in Caesars palace, Bellagio gardens & fountain, Volcano, rain forest, aquarium at the Mirage, Take pics at the welcome to Vegas sign. Go to China town for some great food!! And if you’re going on a budget, DO NOT BUY DRINKS FROM THE BARS! They are so expensive! Drinks are free when you gamble but if you’re not going to gamble much go to the places out on the strip for drinks place that sell “the yard” drinks & souvenir type cups!! It’s definitely more for your money! Also remember everything off the strip is gonna be SO MUCH CHEAPER! Vegas is huge! People don’t realize how big it really is & that you can’t just walk from 1 end of the strip to the other. Have fun, look for deals/specials, they have them for everything & don’t forget to eat at the buffets!! ❤️❤️

  • Netflix are doing The Serpent next year. Might be interesting for you to do as seriel killer spotlight or part of the run up to Halloween 🎃

  • You can get great Vegas vouchers for BOGO meal deals etc. by playing the games here: This app also has great deals:

  • As a Wiccan I would love to see a Halloween history video! Not many people know the pagan roots/origin of Halloween and since it’s a holiday for us it would be exciting to see!

  • Hey Georgia!, I really love your videos always can't wait to see it when a new one comes out,
    I was wondering If you'd ever consider doing the Ibadan forest of horror, with the amount of dead bodies discovered i think it deserves more attention

  • I don’t know if these would be deemed too controversial (?) for history videos, but what about covering; JFK, 9/11, princess Diana? Can’t think of any more off the top of my head but I find all of those really interesting!

  • I totally do wash my BB after every use!! Otherwise I just get so grossed out by how nasty and full of bacteria it is and tend to get acne otherwise:))))

  • I honestly don't understand how you don't have more followers, your videos are honestly so so good, your research is amazing and you are a very captivating storyteller, I really really enjoy your videos. Have you thought about doing collabs with other true crime youtubers? That might help you gain followers and more attention, I say it because I follow different people and I enjoy all different videos because of how unique everyone is 🙂
    I wish you all the best luck 🙂

  • I have the exact same issue… thought I was the only one to check toilet door locks. I don’t like hidden locks, prefer old style latch locks. I use Valium to fly and never use public transport – buses, tubes. Surprised about the lift situation due to fire regulations. In situations like that, I’ve always had security let me use the fire stairs.

  • Your level of independence is what I aim for despite me being afraid of literally anything new or different. You're 6 years older than me so ik I have time :')

  • I honestly love your history series, its soooo interesting. I found it really boring at school, it was always taught by an old man reading out of a book.. So thanks for educating this 24 year old 💁🏻‍♀️ x

  • Really like your transparency 🙂 It's such a shame that true crime gets demonitized but it's really shows the true crime youtubers that genuinely care and aren't just in it for the money and views, keep doing what you're doing girl 👏

  • The elevators in Vegas tend to be very fast, so you won't have to be in them for long. I know this probably won't help the fear all that much, but just know that it'll end quick!

  • Do you request a manual review on videos from youTube, except for the serial killer spotlight videos? I hate to hear you are getting demonetized like this.

  • You’re doing great Georgia. Doesn’t matter if some months are lower than others as long as it all evens out. You’ll never regret your decision to go self employed, otherwise you’d never know if it could’ve worked out! Hopefully you inspire more young women to take the plunge and believe in themselves!

  • My goal is to be self employed. I’m a stylist and the hours for a stylist working in a shop are stupid. I have a salon in my basement that is fully equipped. Fingers crossed I’ll have enough steady clientele to leave the shop and work out of my basement salon or even my clients house.

  • I love how real you are, and how you are so transparent regarding being a creator and the youtube struggle. No other YTer I’ve ever seen would say how much a video earnt them. But it’s a real wake up call and I think it’s great for that info to be out

  • Make sure you go to Old Downtown Las Vegas! Musicians in the street, great food and its very historical. Have a great time! 😁

  • Girl go for history videos, you are blooming while doing it. I am big fan of Queen Margot movie, you could do a video about St. Bartholomew's Day massacre

  • Vegas is a place I recommend just wandering around. There's always something to do. And if you go back later you'll find new things. I had a whole itinerary my first time. I'll be there Sept 26 for the 5th time & aside from Aerosmith tickets, I have no plans. I'm just going to see where I end up 😃.
    Maybe for you, the csi experience :

  • Anything you listed I'd watch. Salem is really misunderstood even in the states so I'd love to see you cover it. Witches were never burned here, and the women & men accused were all Christians. A lot of people seem to want to tie Salem witches to some early wiccan /feminist fight against the 17th century patriarchy. That wasn't happening. Most were devout & none opposed the puritan status quo.
    Halloween would be fun. I am a historian & when most YouTubers try to tackle history it makes me cringe but I really look forward to your videos!

    Maybe something Arthurian? Roman origins, earliest written records. The history apart from modern books and film.
    The last half of 1066? I guarantee 90% of your international viewers are unfamiliar & even a couple Brits I've known think of it as just Hastings.

  • Vegas! I love vegas so much lol! They have a mob museum that i have been dying to visit. Idk why I'm so intrigued by old school mobster stuff. Also, the zak bagans haunted museum! I think that would be the coolest 💜

  • i know this might be a sensitive topic; i feel like the revolt at auschwitz-birkenau is very interesting and unspoken about, Rosa Robota was even referred to as a hero of auschwitz and i feel like the revolt would interest you! i understand completely if you don't wish to cover this x

  • I love your videos and if you need to use sponsors so be it! I don't understand what the big taboo is with it imo lol. I love that you are so real and open to information for others who would like to do YouTube, I have wanted to do YouTube for a long time now but chicken out everytime. You keep doing you and make that dollar we all appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos xx

  • I love Vegas!!! I’ve been many many times 🙂 Definitely go see the Titanic exhibit, and at some point you should really take a day to go to Downtown Las Vegas (Old Las Vegas)!! It’s so much fun down there. The hotels are old and it has way less tourists, not as crowded. It’s so much fun! I stayed on the strip the first few times I went and then realized Downtown Vegas is so much better! Something else you would LOVE is Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum which is also in the Downtown area! It’s historical and creepy and I think you’d really enjoy it! 🙂 Much love Georgia!! ♥️

  • I'm so glad things are working out well. I can remember you working other jobs, but even then you were always so consistent with your uploads! I've always really liked your videos because of how well you research and I think your intellectual curiosity about mysteries, history and crime (what you call your nerdiness lol), makes you stand out. I might be wrong, but it seems like you're so curious, that you're able to focus on the interesting elements of the stories, rather than letting the emotional side drag you down. Honestly, you're doing amazing!

  • I hope this isnt over-stepping, but I don't suggest taking valium 2+ times a day for the elevators.You could instead see a clinical psych that could do exposure therapy with you? Xx

  • Can you do a makeup collection vid!?! I love your true crime content and in every video your makeup is so beautiful and your lip colors always are so amazing and suit you so well:) love ya!

  • I really appreciate and like how you talk so candidly about behind the scenes of being a youtuber and how youtubers earn money

  • A lot of times, I’ll watch videos several times… does that help you earn more money? Do you earn per view? I’m so confused on how YT works.

    Also, what does it mean when a video gets demonetized? (Is that even the right word?) I do not understand YT at all. lol

    PS – your eyes are so beautiful! Love your makeup! I wish I knew how to properly apply it. I’m good to get mascara on! Haha

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