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LinkedIn is More Than Just a Job Search Tool

In dealing with business owners, I think there
is a misconception with LinkedIn and its value in that…I think a lot of people look at
it simply as a job search tool. They try to find applicants. They try to apply for jobs, and don’t use
it to its full potential to network with other business owners that are there. Even if you are there looking for people to
work for you or work with you, a lot of people that you might be able to do business with,
pass referrals back and forth with, are also on LinkedIn. There’s a lot of good training resources on
LinkedIn. So, I think it can be used a lot more effectively
than a lot of people view it. LinkedIn is not just a tool for communicating
with potential employees. It can also be a great resource for information
because it is like a digital business networking group. If you’re a member of a BNI chapter for example,
it’s the same thing, but a much larger group. You have access to people in your industry
and industries that bump up against you, for example plumbers, home inspectors, people
who would work on the same projects…you have access to those people all around the
country for networking, referrals, just to bounce ideas off of. It can really be a valuable tool in building
your business and building you as a business owner.

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