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Little Flash has Electric Hair (And a NEW Girlfriend!?) WWE 2k20 Career Part 4! K-CITY GAMING

pray what’s up everybody its K-City Gaming and we are back with another episode of WWE 2k 20 career mode what’s
wrong with her teeth boot flashes over there
he’s zoning out or something he’s trying to fall asleep oh there he goes
alright let’s wake him up here you know pretty soon we’re gonna have an empty
arena match who enter Trey’s dream do you want to do the interior inna man huh
I don’t know that would have been weird I know you sure you don’t see what he’s
dreaming about I don’t want to okay that’s it I’m leaving without you you
can’t do that we’re a package deal remember what’s wrong with that woman’s
purse great I was wondering if metal woman metal dress woman I’m not here to
start anything so don’t get your collective skivvies in a bunch skivvies
this is the one day any differences congratulations you’ve earned everything
that’s coming to you tonight forget her let’s get back to your story
I think LA was working we end up having that series of matches against each
other how could I forget it led to one of the most embarrassing nights of my
career he’s got a diaper this is this first and only cry-baby match with Razor
Ramon back in the day this was the perfect time to cross okay I have no idea what’s happening but
he’s wearing pink like um okay starburst underwear he’s got a giant diaper baby
bottle magic hair hey we’re about to fight Xbox Xbox I know what I’m talking
about it’s you it’s pronounced Bach hairs you
can do the second match okay bud do I have I think I have razor Ramon’s
moveset let’s see well it’s ours that’s little flashes moveset more of those do
you have gas yeah he’s got yeah he’s too far away you think I can get him no sure
we’ll try yo got him just as he was getting up I think it hurt both of us
both of you guys are legs his legs must remove their masks first who are we
talking about your face to check your ID people hey not sure what we’re working
on all huh so we gotta do huh he’ll probably pick the diapers up wait
it’s gone Oh oh my goodness where’s the diaper let’s try that again oh-ho that wasn’t supposed to happen
I feel naked atomic drop into the groin area somebody’s head scissors glitching
a little bit oh here we go here we go let’s put on a show for the fans I was
supposed to be very superstar like now let’s put on a show for the fans yeah
there we go nah come out in the right house here
born again it’s that this is a disqualification
what are you talking about so there’s that are you I’m gonna drop it yes no
why you gotta drop it all fine there we go complete I’ve completed the gym okay
climb the turnbuckle well xbox is down in the ring okay I need to get down I
need to get down there we go sign so I need to get him down to the ring and
then climb the turnbuckle no get back down bad nabbit come on
oh that was weird hmm I’ve climbed the turnbuckle while he’s down now he’s down
there we go completed objective blow climb the turnbuckle
that’s the turnbuckle that’s what they’re talking about aren’t they let me
do it climbing it hello we just got word that a
construction crane is falling on the 405 looks like it’s all surface streets for
your drive home tonight enjoy climb the turnbuckle while xpac is
downed in the ring that’s what I’m doing right down what does downs mean down
falling down okay climb no idea turnbuckle why is it let me do it oh
this game is Oh elbow down great okay now I’m gonna go over here please give
me the objective over this hair it’s hairs coming undone the matter shows is there way too there we go there we go yeah yeah yeah yeah you all want to see
it let’s put on a show that didn’t go well one two three
that was no good Oh crybaby match means that oh you have to wear a diaper
that’s unfortunate there’s some baby powder so you can smell fresh for mommy and you’re gonna get to be fed here ooh
your mama milk I haven’t seen that before
all right so I guess we that was one of our goals is to dress women cry baby
match okay we’re checking them off the list here sorry I put your friend in a
diaper there was no way I was gonna let that
happen to me again maybe it’ll teach him to stop putting ridiculous things on our
list but probably not hey this isn’t public knowledge yet so
keep it on the DL the WWE is going to be holding it all women’s tournament later
this year that’s amazing yeah they’re calling it the mayhem classic Triple H
asked me to keep an eye out for talent so I’ll be watching your match tonight
against Candace larae don’t hold back I never do I need chance you can babysit
during my match all right here we are it looks like Big Momma’s oh she’s she’s
on the prowl Big Momma she’s gonna be fighting Kansas larae and if she wins
with her wacky hair octopus hair yeah she’s gonna get a shot and a the women’s
tournament in the WWE may be other kids and her butt cheeks yeah yeah and you
feel you built her hey if you want to see little flash create his girlfriend
Big Momma will give you like right up here and you can see why she’s got big
butt cheeks hey make quick work of her Oh
elbow to the face goodness you okay arm twist oh she’s definitely smaller than
you you’ve got the size advantage just throw her just like that
what indecisive move oh she blocked that arm drag yeah it was
almost like a Booker T’s finisher Oh booger teeth Booker T Washington no
smoking people ruin your lungs you ain’t number one I’m climbing up the
rain so you’ve gotta be some trashy Oh know what I have to that’s an ugly move
man you better you better get on the ball here
I’m trying to boy what’s your name boy whoa you need to reverse that stuff
don’t let her do that to you I tried that’s the most normal her
hair’s look this whole time well now it’s back to weird BAM yeah there you go
big thigh in the face you don’t do birthday announcements here what is
going on girl matches all over the place excuse me ref excuse you buddy ain’t my
name but your name is not but don’t tell people that I told you quit telling
people your name is but it’s not but what is your name then no it’s not it’s
not but and it’s not Jeff my name would you win the match please Big Mama can
take Candace Laraine easy should be easy Oh double axe handle not on that one you
can though Oh oh man that was nice move you’re
letting this little girl beat you cheap two inches uh-oh look out look out she’s not even in yellow health yet thank you a big sign because Hey look at the guy on the matching
shirts and then the Twinkies where the black with the gold triangles on it
they’re best buds TV shows
watch the match this guy’s yeah I don’t know why he’s
standing up he’s at every match I saw him at the at Jeff Warrior
whatever is gonna do this thing or not I’m trying to boy what is your name
anyway oh my goodness this looks like it hurts
was that her finisher I think she’s ready to finish you off buddy slap to
the chest big thigh I got missing that sir you just well look at her taking her
ass she’s a little cocky how’d he get that signature we’re not there you go there you go Oh
charge finisher charge finisher if she doesn’t reverse it now let it go oh the
big mama Buster Buster one two she’s not dead she kicked out of that one she
ain’t dead oh yeah I like this one like this one nice big mama powerbomb take a
risk that I never think only death City does it what you gonna do you don’t even
know how to do it Oh what’s he gonna do you better do it
quick she got a knees up they’re circling each other
oh you connected with that big thigh you uh try it again she’s gonna try it again moose oh oh she got cutting the ropes
she glitched admits time one more time you could try it again I don’t know
she’s she’s facedown she’s floating I’m not even touching the floor there she
goes nice stop now spinner Penner that was amazing movie she’s alive she
was floating for a second that was weird hey how’s she gonna do it
again oh all right all right work up a finish your buddy
oh I don’t think you can make it from there what happened I think you hit her boat
with your face my butt your face and that what they say my butt your face
match anybody hit it hit that Bannister big mama buster that’s the second big mama Buster two
and three quick work yes indeed let’s go all right what’s next no okay so now
since you’ve won that means that you’re probably gonna get offered a spot the
women stir in the may young classic the women’s tournament right may young
classic no it was like mighty mean the Mikey Ming match what are you talking
about the Mikey Mean Max look low two are great so I wish I could recommend
you both for the myun classic they’re making Richmond dozen looking to fill
one spot right now we were milking this decision get it cuz
the crybaby match earlier nope I’ve been hanging out with Trey too much
please continue I’m gonna have to recommend Candace she’s been doing this
for over 15 years I said you’ve got a ton of potential but you don’t have
anywhere near that kind of experience yeah totally I get it we got blue very
much for this opportunity I’m sure we’ll see each other again in the future it’s
just three feet tall that I’ve been doing this a really long time and you’re
one of the best I’ve ever seen and you’re only gonna get better boy I
appreciate that I gotta go call my husband and tell him
the good news no guarantee it’s bull but I’ll definitely keep you in mind of WWE
ends up doing this tournament again give me your contact info before you leave
tonight okay I will Thanks hey I overheard what Xbox said no
there’s our list just a bump in the road and tonight wasn’t a total loss at least
I get to cross off wrestling a crybaby match that’s true we get to close that
look it smells like butt sweat I told you not to keep the list in your tights
cost of doing business win myun classic tournament see if you
can air that out all right before we go let’s check our phone we’re gonna go to
messages wrestling boots are us we’ve got an order confirmation we’ve ordered
our wrestle boots Josie Jane heard you got on the
Winterfest show you only get one first match no pressure
el mago jr. had to leave early but wanted to tell you great match got to
believe you’ll beat the peyton venecia days
another one from Joseph Jane el mago jr. rightly flash Lita hey it’s Leigh dat
got your note from King Megan who’s makin you got another girlfriend No hey
stranger heard you’re back in town for a show you know I’ll be there let’s meet
up after if you have time haven’t seen you in forever okay all right so we hope you were
enjoying this series uh coach I don’t know if she looks real bug-eyed so we’re
gonna meet her in the next one I guess but we hope you’re enjoying this series
we will see you next time remember up here we’re gonna go give you a link
where little flash is creating Big Mama his girlfriend so you can catch up on
all the action it’s really strange we’ll see you next time bye

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