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Livescan Fingerprints For Nevada Employment | Healthcare & Nursing

Fingerprinting Express processes Live Scan
electronic fingerprints in the state of Nevada. We are an approved vendor for all boards and
divisions. From the Nevada Nursing Board to BELTCA, we
handle the fingerprint background checks for multiple licensing agencies. The NABS program is a special program we helped
beta test before it was rolled out to the state of Nevada. The Nevada Automated Background Check System,
also known as NABS, is a really great program because it allows facilities to share information
on applicants if they have a second job or if they are working multiple places. You can share that information as long as
the background check and physicals and shots have been done within the last 6 months. The great thing about the NABS program is
its connecting this data so that applicants don’t have to go through and inconvenient
process multiple times. We are fingerprinting experts so you don’t
have to be.

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