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Management for the Legal Profession – Interview mit Ursula Thier

I decided to take this course in order to learn more about business management know-how. In my opinion, this was completely ignored or nly briefly touched upon in the legal training. Suddenly you are in a company and are confronted with financial issues and leadership and I wanted to learn a little more about that. This training has a modular structure. There are nine different modules on a variety of topics. I really appreciated the fact that some of them were technical topics such as finance and accounting, but also that the soft skills were not neglected and that we learned something about communication too, for example. The days here are very intensive, it lasts from early in the morning until late in the evening and we are taught a lot of subjects. Nevertheless, I really appreciate the fact that you also meet people in the evening, build up your network and also our social events, which take place once a week and are always very interesting and entertaining.

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