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MBA Career Services: career ready

Finding success and happiness is an
important part of career management and what I’m passionate about is helping
students to take that learning that they have throughout the MBA and implement
that into their lives. Working with individuals to uncover their value is critical to enable them to be best at who they are, not who they aren’t. It gives you the support network and the confidence to dream big, to set your
aspirations high. When I was going through the Career Services Program with Lisa and meeting with her, we would draw on those elegant currencies, and
identify those areas, and highlight them to potential employers or different
industries where I may want to target in terms of my next step in my career. I know where I want to go. The Careers Development Service has given me the skills
to get there. First and foremost was actually finding out about what your skills were, and there was a lot of work done to explore personality types and
preferences and get all the information you needed ready to go to hit the job
market. So that was part 1, and part 2 of the program was actually really forging those industry links. Not only does it have a careers program, but it has a careers program that results in placements for people. Because career development without a plan, isn’t a plan at all. It’s a career risk. Your
Career Program is delivered in four phases and it adopts a strength-based
coaching methodology. We have a variety of workshops throughout the year
underpinning the Your Career Program. These include resume workshops, Linkedin audits and reviews, personal branding and social
media workshops. We have a variety of external providers coming and support us
with this program as well. One of the opportunities I was privileged enough to gain was to be mentored by the Honorable Nick Greiner. Through that process he
helped me really concentrate on what mattered in a number of key decisions in
my career and personally he taught me the importance of being impeccable in all my dealings, that it wasn’t just about the outcome but it was also about the way
you got there. Students have very different reasons for doing an MBA. What we
do is we help them to formulate a strategy to really achieve the
objectives that they set out to do and to get clarity on those objectives as well. The career services help me in three ways. One is people, they know everyone
who’s anyone. Second is progress, and the third is payoffs. Through the process of
being coached and mentored, I was able to make some really good calls and
decisions. I’ve been promoted twice in 12 months, and that wouldn’t have happened without career services. I found it instrumental in helping me shape my career as it is today, and I think it’s going to be invaluable for me in the future as well.

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