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Mechatronics Careers (revised 8/2015)

Anything mechanical related, we get to
play with it. Making things work. Learning how they run. Learning how to
make them run. Every new project is a new challenge. This is perfect for me. I like the fact
that you can actually get your hands dirty and work on stuff. I would like to
define mechatronics as a broad combination of electrical engineering,
mechanical engineering, controls and software programming. Electrical,
mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics. Includes motors, sensors, electronics,
computers.The mechatronics program began because there is such a demand for these
high-skilled jobs. Companies are begging to the schools. We need people coming out of this program. We’re going to be picked up like as fast as we come out. Our program is
funded by the United States Department of Labor and their goal, as ours, is to
get people back to work. There are literally hundreds of thousands of jobs
available for those in mechtronics. All manufacturing is mechatronics
nowadays. Robotics, military defense and forensics. Packaging, manufacturing,
pharmaceutical. Shipping and receiving, forensics. Postal work to automotive. Mechatronics jobs are actually everywhere in the entire world. I do enjoy the fact that this is a one-
year program. That was one of the things that convinced me to come here. A year
time span for the certificate was very appealing to me because I just don’t
have a lot of time in my life. You’re going to get the a one-year short-term
certificate together with other nationally recognized certifications. Manufacturing
skills council, certifications. A Siemens certification. Different schools offer
mechanical programs, electrical programs but this is the only program which
combines all the fields. Most of the jobs I saw that I applied for were asking
for not just electrical skills but pneumatics and PLC’s and hydraulics. This is a very challenging program but I always tell my students nothing good comes easy. It’s a challenging field for people, but I think if you have the right skill sets. We do have the STEM
bridge, which will help you in communication skills and computer skills. We’re building an innovative online
course that helps students practice the math, critical thinking and workplace
communication skills that they will need on the job. My favorite part of the program is
actually working on the equipment in the lab, setting things up. Every lab you
actually get to work, roll your sleeves up. Being able to work with your hands and
kind of working with those different machines. Students get exposure to the
actual industry-level equipment. DC and AC trainers, mechanical vibration
trainers, power trainers, programmable logic controllers and
robotics. How does that have a belt drive system, how to setup a change rack system. We use a computer a lot to do a lot of virtual work. The jobs in mechatronics
mainly are electrical maintenance technician and mechanical technician.
They can set up the robots, they can troubleshoot the robots. Starting salary
for mechatronics crews about $50,000. It can jump up to $100,000. I’m very
confident with what we’re being taught and the ability to take it out into the real
world and use it. To open doors that were previously closed to me. I plan on getting a job in more of automation work. A computer designer for models of new
parts. Possibly defense contracting. You know one day be like Iron Man in the
basement. It’s a very very strong career to get
involved in. It will definitely be around for a while. Companies are going to rely
more on people with these skill sets because that is where this industry is
going. The skills I learned here has helped me tremendously. I’m grateful. If you’re looking for a good job and to have a good future, you should join this
program and definitely there is a career there for you.

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