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One thing I think
would be really helpful to think about when
considering an MHPE degree is that the benefit of having
this, specifically, I think, if you don’t necessarily
have a clinical background, is that it really gives
you a sense of context. As somebody who’s
always continuing to be interested in learning,
and education, and wanting to explore new avenues,
it seemed like a way to be able to do that, to
expand my own horizons, and to be able to do
more with my work. The curriculum and
the way it’s designed is immediately relevant. Everything was immediately
applicable to my job, and enhanced my
thinking and creativity. I don’t think that I
would be able to do this program as quickly if
it weren’t distance learning. I like the fact that I
really can do everything on my own time. The faculty has been really,
really sensitive to the fact that the cohort of
students are made up of mostly working professionals. And I think the
faculty, in general, have done a really good
job of helping everybody feel like a community. And that’s been
really, really helpful. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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