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Meet Ajay, Senior Employment Advisor working in Leicestershire

IAPT actually stands for Improving Access
to Psychological Therapies. If we help people with their psychological
problems, we should be able to protect that person from a relapse in the future, and also
enable them to actually sustain going to work. I’ve been an Employment Advisor for a period
of about three years in total. So it’s focusing on those people who are employed and either
attending work but are at risk of falling out of work through sickness leave, for example.
Or it could be for those people who are employed but signed off sick and can’t see a way
to return back. So it’s helping those individuals really
gain that confidence to get them into a situation where they realise their potential. It could
be through work trials, for example, or job coaching to help those individuals talk to
their employers and overcome their own difficulties through knowledge of their own policies, external
knowledge in terms of ‘How do we support ourselves in mental health?’ And then really
just looking to actually then sustain that, so using protective or preventative measures
so that when we have our lives’ ups and downs we don’t actually fall into that same
situation but we’ve got the skills to kind of move forwards.
Typically a person will spend about 40 hours a week, a full-time person, in work. Five
days a week – that’s a lot of time and if that’s what we call a toxic environment,
something that’s not supported to our well-being, that can be very enduring, and it’s quite
normal for a person to then not want to attend that situation.
So you’re seeing an individual at some of the lowest points in their life, so to actually
offer that helping hand to them, it’s making that difference to somebody’s life not just
now but also in the future.

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