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Military Career Guide – The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack

Hey folks let’s look at the last uncovered
feature of StrangerVille. Aside from the StrangerVille mystery, the
only major gameplay addition to the pack is the Military Career. This career along with the Base Game’s Stylist
and Gardening from Seasons features the ability to work from home and still get the benefits
of being in a career. For money making and other goals, this is
a big deal. First let’s look at the early levels, which
are dominated by fitness actions. You’ll need to jog and spar your way to career
promotions. You may also need to do some marching, another
fitness builder. Sparring is an activity exclusive to the military. None of these are particularly hard, you’ve
just got to do them a few hours. When it comes to sparring it can mean quite
a lot of Sim clicking in order to queue up the interactions. Thankfully the townies are your puppets and
can’t seem to turn down a sparring session. This new action builds relationships while
also providing some fitness skill gains. A faster method to complete this is to use
the new training bot from buy mode. The career branches at level 6, so you should
start to think about which of two branches you’d like to take and begin getting a few
levels in the required skill. There is a covert ops branch which relies
on logic and has you spying on the neighborhood via the new listening device object. The other option is officer. There you’ll need Charisma, and a lot of ordering
Sims around and recruiting others to the military. A quick tip is that ordering around is much
faster on the new training bot machine you get as opposed to ordering Sims. This machine is pretty funny, as while you’re
fighting it or yelling in its face, it’s clearly telling your Sim that they’re pond scum. The thing with this Career choice is both
options make the same pay. You’ll work nights more as a covert operator
and daytime as an officer. Both work 8 hours. So the choice should be fairly easy for you. If any of my viewers are in the military or
know someone who is, they may find it kind of funny where this career ranks in terms
of pay – right at the top. From a pure hourly wage standpoint you can’t
do better than joining the military. It’s taking the path to millions and only
careers like interstellar smuggler and botanist begin to compete with it in terms of pay. Throw in the ability to work from home and
it’s decidedly OP. There’s a huge benefit in being able to do
the work from home task and move on to something else. I think that the reason this career makes
such huge cash is because fitness and logic are not massive money makers so you’re not
sinking much time into a lucrative skill like writing, painting, or gardening. You’ll notice the developers have largely
balanced the career’s money around the skills associated with them. If you are mastering a big money maker skill,
you’re going to make less per hour and also very likely work fewer hours. The two branches of military have light rewards. Officer gets a flagpole and a beefier looking
version of the training bot. Covert ops gets a very nice looking CIA rug, and both of them
unlock some uniforms for CAS. Both branches also get medals that can be
placed in a unique display case object that you can find in the family inventory. Simply drag them from your Sim’s inventory
and they’ll automatically go into the correct spot. This can have a pretty big environment boost
on the room where you’ve placed it. Now, I want to throw out a warning here, that
there are some components to this career that feel sloppy or rushed. The thing is, you’re told to practice “ordering
around” well, that is better done on the military training bot object found under fitness. Most players would gravitate toward actually
ordering Sims but you’re better off with the bot as it’s much faster. Being in the military, and it being so important
to the new career you probably should get this training bot free or in a promotion. Similarly I got a listening device only after
I already bought one because a task came up to plant a bug on Sims. Just be aware of these objects and that you
may be better off buying your own vs doing repetitive tasks to live without them. The biggest problem IS the daily tasks, hands
down, because they’re not very well explained. Writing reports done at the computer requires
you to queue up about 5 of them to finish the task. Perhaps the best example of this is the plan
10 moves ahead task for covert ops. It doesn’t tell you what that means, and the..
the hover tooltip which would normally say what you should do is missing. So you may stumble around a good bit before
you realize that the career is asking you to just play chess for a few hours. All in all, it’s not a bad career but it is
pretty much a rabbit hole career. Being able to work from home doesn’t add a
lot of unique activity. It does take the crown now as the highest
paying career in the Sims 4, and I’ll link to the table I’ve maintained in the description. It’s on our main careers gateway under the
list if you’d like to find it manually. The choice you make in this career is probably
going to be based around which uniform you like so I’m also linking to the military career
page on the site where you can see the officer branch. If that’s a non factor for you, then go off
the hours and your preference for logic and charisma. All in all, I enjoyed testing this career
and the StrangerVille pack but I do kind of look forward to messing around with base game
stuff that I’ve never covered in video format. There’s still a lot to be done. Thank you all for watching and have an excellent

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