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Mixing Passion & Profession: Matt’s “see blue.” Story

Hi I�m Matt Resch. I�m a Freshman Math
and Computer Science Major from Stafford, Virginia. The way that I looked at college
and the application process was college is my chance to make myself something different.
I always got frustrated in high school with the idea that everything is very laid out
for you. I felt like college was finally my chance to say well this what I want to prepare
myself for. I wanted to grab the opportunity to kind of find my own path and start to develop
myself. I was always a Lego kid. I was always very curious about how things worked. I�m
very math and science oriented. I think a lot of that is from my obsession for Legos
, that once I figured out how something fit I got pretty good at applying that. I wanted
for a long time to be an Electrical Engineer, before I knew what that meant. Where I see
myself after college, I want to work with cyber security in one of those 3-lettered
agencies: FBI, NSA, something like that. My biggest passion is people. What I�m trying
to figure out right now is how I can balance those, how I can use the skills that I have
while interacting with people. You can go from class and get your degree, as well as
prepare for your job and stuff like that. But you�re also developing as a person.
You�re experiencing new things. You�re getting all of these new experiences that
you wouldn�t get otherwise. I think that diversity of experience is where the growth
comes from. I just really hope that I can look back and say that I found something I
was passionate about, and I really do think that is DanceBlue. Honestly I get so excited
thinking about DanceBlue. It�s such a cool idea. It�s an opportunity to influence a
kid�s life by raising money to fight for them because they can�t fight for themselves.
It got talked up so much the whole first semester, and I was like that sounds exhausting. But
I signed up, and I danced. First of all, it�s probably the easiest all-nighter I�ve ever
pulled. It�s a 24-hour dance marathon, and there were people literally feeling like they
were about to collapse. Somebody would say no, keep on going for the kids, and they would
do it. And they would smile and say you�re right. There is so much energy, and there
is so much hope in that event. Just seeing those kids getting to be a normal kid for
a day, that it�s impossible not to be excited about it. I mean college students raising
over a million dollars is incredible to me. By reaching out to corporations, by raising
money to be able to dance. We put together over a million dollars, and it was always
for those kids. I wouldn�t trade it for anything. So really I success more as a matter
of the lives of the people you impact. When it comes down to it, I think a successful
life is one that at least improves one other person�s life. I�m Matt Resch.

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