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Modula Dan – Kitting Lead

My name is Danny Dean I work here at
Modula, I’m in the Kitting Structure Department and I’m the lead in the
department. Usually at the beginning of the day come in and check the
production and shipping schedule and I see where we’re at on that schedule and
from there we I kind of look at what we have to do for the day and what
we have to get done and it’s all about just getting everything done with high
quality and maintaining the production schedule so that we can meet our
shipping dates. I what I like about working here at Modula is that it’s a
friendly environment and there’s a certain camaraderie amongst the
employees they all know we’re working as a team even though we work in different
departments it’s one big team effort and I also find that regardless of the
department that you may be in people are generally willing to lend a hand
whenever they need to, give you direction or help wherever you
need to. When we send this product out we want to make sure that’s high quality
and it’s meant – it’s the quality that it was intended to be and that
comes down to the employees paying attention to the detail and making sure
what they send out that door is right and the way it should be.
I took on a leadership role here in September of 2017 I like to think I’m doing a good job and
a big part of it is not just organizing and leading the department in the sense
of keeping things on track and on schedule but also dealing with people
you have to try to deal with people and always show respect. I think
it’s important that the people that you’re working with they have a sense of
ownership of what they’re doing so that they are not necessarily – they
don’t think they’re working for you they’re working with you and you’re just
maintaining a leading role in that. I would say the management style here at
Modula is very hands-on they’re involved in what everybody’s doing everybody’s approachable it’s a
friendly environment while at the same time it’s a business and we all know
that we have a certain responsibility and we all handle our responsibilities
wherever we happen to be. I would say that this this job would be good for
somebody who has pretty good organizational skills someone who is
used to paying attention to details and someone who is a team player someone who
understands that we’re all working together as a unit with a common goal.

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