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Moraine Park supports men in the pursuit of non-traditional occupations Alt Ending

[MUSIC PLAYING] Moraine Park has been the saving
grace in my educational future. When I started
wanting to be a nurse, I didn’t realize how long and
how hard it would actually be. I came out here. First thing I saw, was
hey how’s Moraine Park? I looked it up. I saw that they
had good, outstanding You know, graduate percentage
was high and stuff, so my sister was like,
well why don’t you just go into the medical
assistant program, you know and just start
off there first there. So, that’s where I went. If you want to get
into the medical field, and you do find that nursing
is a career that you want to go down, you do
have to go to school, you do have to get
the associate degree, and possibly a bachelor’s degree
to move forward in nursing. But I will say that it is
absolutely worth every second that you have sacrificed. We are open to any qualified
applicants for positions. We have been very happy
with the recent influx of nontraditional applicants
for some of our positions, especially males
in the workforce in traditional female
oriented positions, such as medical assistants
or registered nurses. Many of our patients enjoy
having male caregivers as options. Many people react
differently to situations, to different
cultures, and to have a diverse population
on your nursing staff is a wonderful thing. And being male is
even better, you know. Being Hispanic, being able– being bilingual. I started my
clinicals right now. And as I’m doing
my clinical they are looking at me like
do you want to stay here. I’m getting job
offers left and right. My life has changed
dramatically since I graduated from Moraine Park. I went from working
two jobs full time before school to
sacrificing a lot and still working full
time during school. Once I graduated, I was
blessed enough to get a career in nursing that
I very, very much enjoy. The income definitely
provides enough for myself and my family. Moraine Park alumni do stand
out among my other applicants. I know that Moraine Park alumni
are trained and ready to go. I know that SSM
Health will not have to spend a lot of
money and resources training the basic skills that
they need to do their job. If you have the
passion for nursing, for being a medical
assistant, to helping others, just go at it. Do not hesitate. Go sign up immediately. It has changed my
life 1,000 times over.

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