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Morna Foy: Value of ACP (Academic and Career Planning)

Hi. I’m Morna Foy, president of the
Wisconsin Technical College System. Our 16 two-year colleges
work very closely with K-12 districts
throughout Wisconsin. We provide students opportunities
for career exploration, a chance to earn college credit
will still in high school, and great options for
education after high school. I believe academic career plans
are a great tool for students to map out
their futures. They allow them to assess their interests,
connect those interests to their high school and post-high school
education options, and as a result, make much better and more informed choices
about their future and their career. The Wisconsin Technical College
System is supporting academic and career planning by working
with our K-12 partners throughout Wisconsin to build seamless
career pathways. These state and local partnerships
will be a key to our success, and that’s great news for students. If you’re a community or business
leader, take the time to learn more and make career and academic planning a
part of every education discussion. If you’re an educator, take the time
to look at your curriculum and make the connections for your students
between the courses they’re taking now and the jobs they
want in the future. If you’re a parent,
please sit down with your student and talk about their
career plan options. No matter what they admit, you’re
still their number-one influence. And if you’re a student,
take your academic and career planning
process seriously. It puts you in charge of your courses,
your classes, and your future. [ Silence ]

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