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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. Today’s
video is going to be a bit of a chatty video all about my career path and what I’ve done
in the past that has led me to today and being a vlogger and having my channel. When I put
up my video about quitting my day job for YouTube, so many people were asking questions
about, well what was your job, how did you get into that, questions like that. I follow
someone on YouTube called Patricia Bright. She’s amazing. She did a video all about her
career story and it was just a really interesting insight into her and what she’s done in the
past, so I was like, “Maybe I’ll make a video about that. It might be interesting for someone.”
I don’t know. This might be a really self indulgent video, but I hope you enjoy it and
I hope you get something from it. I’m also filming this video at about 8PM,
so I just really hope it’s light enough. Right! So I’m going to take you way back to my very
first ever job, which was when I was 12 or 13 and basically, the lady who lived across
the street from us used to have her own business doing birthday parties for children at her
house. She was actually Barbie, so she would dress up as Barbie. She had long blond hair.
She was very tanned. She really looked the part. She would be Barbie and she would have
all these little girls to her house. They would dress up, they would have their nails
done. They would have tea and sandwiches and then they would leave. She got really busy and she needed a little
helper, so I was Barbie’s little helper. I would go across the street to her parties
whenever they were on the weekend and then I would basically help her make iced tea,
sandwiches, I would help the little girls put on the princess dresses, and I would help
them paint their nails or put sparkly make-up on and stuff like that. It was an amazing job for me because I’ve
always loved everything girlie and I’ve always loved being with children. That was my first
ever job and it was great because it gave me a little bit of pocket money. We didn’t
have loads of money growing up, so I remember whenever I got paid from that job, I would
spend it all on clothes. Then, when I was about 14 years old, we moved
from Canada to the UK. Once we got settled in the UK, I wanted to get another weekend
job to finance some clothes and make-up and things like that. I applied for my first ever
job in a restaurant and that restaurant was the Toby Carvery. If you live in the UK, you
may know it. It sells roast dinners. It is not glamorous at all, but I quickly worked
out that if I worked in a restaurant over a retail place, that I could also get tips.
I loved that yes, I would get my basic wage, but depending on how charming and attentive
was, I could up my wage. I think I was quite good at waitressing and
doing the extra little bits for tips. On the weekends sometimes I would not only get my
wage, but I would get 100 pounds in tips so it was incredibly for a very young person.
I was 15, 16, 17, 18 when I worked there and it was brilliant. I used to always work on
a Saturday night and a Sunday day and it was a great little job. It was hard work, but
I loved it. I used to be covered in gravy and I used to get so embarrassed when friends
or people I knew used to come in and eat. Matt, my husband being one of them, with his
family. I used to get so embarrassed, but it was a great little job and I was earning
more money than some of my friends. Then when I was 18, I went off to University
and I moved there, so I got another job in a restaurant, but working at Pizza Express.
I used to work there three nights a week, and the best thing about that was again, not
only did I get my wage, but also tips. But I would also get a dinner, so I would get
fed, basically. As a poor student, that was amazing. Sometimes they would even let me
bring home more food to my halls and my roommates used to love it if I would bring home some
cheesecake or a pizza or stuff like that. That was again, a great little gig, and I
really enjoyed working there throughout the three years that I was at University. I went to Buckinghamshire University and while
I was there, I studied marketing and human resource management. I basically chose that
because I quite liked doing business as an A-level and I thought that I was quite a creative
person and I would be good at marketing and maybe good with people, so I would also try
human resource management. But honestly, I did not know what I wanted to do. I chose
to go down the business road because I thought that was quite broad. I loved my degree. I
really enjoyed it. I much preferred the marketing side of things and the PR side of things over
the human resources side of things. When I finished and graduated University,
I got my first ever job and that was working at Haymarket Publishing, which is like a big
publishing house in London. I applied for a marketing job but it was actually a sales
job. I was having to make cold calls and calling people and selling ad space. I really hated
cold calling. It just was not for me, so I only lasted two months in that job, even though
the two months that I was there, I was top salesperson each month. I would get the most
amount of calls made and I would get given champagne and a pat on the back and all that
stuff. I just was like, “I don’t like doing this.” I was good at sales, but I was terrible
at closing. I hate asking people for money and I just quit. Then I got another job and this I would say,
is my first ever proper job. I was a marketing assistant at a paper company called Oce UK.
They’ve now been bought up by Canon, I believe, but this is like going way back. I think I
was 21, 22 when I had this job. The best thing about this was job was I could walk to work.
It was based in Brentwood where I lived. It was amazing. I would just wander into work
and there was a great group of friends there. I would do my paper marketing, which wasn’t
very exciting because it was like, “How should we sell A4?” or stuff like that. It wasn’t
going to set the world on fire and it was very much like The Office, but I did really
enjoy my time there. I was there for about a year, I think. It was when I was at that
job that I decided that I really wanted to travel the world. I just felt like I should
go and see the world before I really got stuck in a job, or bought a house, or anything like
that, and I was single. So I was working at that place in the day
and then I also got a job at night at a bar, which was The Sugar Hut in Brentwood, which
was not famous at the time, but it kind of is now because it’s on The Only Way is Essex.
I used to work at the paper company all day, work at the bar all night, and I would just
save up all of my money to go traveling because I was living at home. I would save all my
pennies. I did that for a while and then I had enough for my ticket. Typical, as I was
going to go and buy my ticket to go traveling, I was offered a promotion at work to be a
marketing officer or something like that. It was again to do with marketing, but it
was like the next step up. I was like, “Oh, it is a really good opportunity,”
but I had to say to them. “I can’t accept it. I want to go traveling around the world,
and I’m going to get my ticket, so sorry, but I’m off,” kind of thing. A few months
later, I went off traveling around the world. I did a seven month trip and I went to LA,
Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, southeast Asia, all of those places with Matt and my best
friend. It was incredible and I think on that trip I decided that I did not want to come
home and work in a job that I didn’t love. I was like, “Right. What do I love?” I love
beauty, and I love working in PR. I was like, “I’m going to get a job working in beauty
PR.” Matt did a similar thing. He was like, “I’m not going to go back into the city and
work.” He was going to start his own business and he built his first salon. But obviously
I had no experience, so I had to start right at the bottom. I contacted a few big PR agencies
in London that I quite liked the look of and said that I would like to intern for them
for free and just gain experience and help them with anything they needed doing. I just
thought that that was going to be the best and easiest way in because they weren’t really
taking on people that had no PR experience. That is a big tip. If there’s an industry
you want to get into, and if you’re living at home and you can afford to do that, definitely
offer to work somewhere for free because I did that internship at Halpern, which is a
PR agency in London that does fashion and beauty. At the time, they were looking after
Jo Malone, Barry M, Martin Brown, like really big beautiful brands and I loved the team.
From the minute I got on that internship, I worked as hard as I could. I was as professional
as I could. There were other interns there that really were not making the most of their
opportunity. They would have a long lunch or leave on the dot and not do as much because
they weren’t getting paid. The whole thing about an internship is you were there, your
foot is in there, so if you an impress them and then job does up, you’ll be the first
person that they think of. Anyway, I did three weeks interning there
and then I went off to do another internship at another agency in London, which again did
beauty and fashion. But I went off to this new internship and it was while I was there
for two weeks that Halpern actually phoned me and they were like, “There’s been few changes
happening on the beauty team. Would you like the position as junior account manager?” I
was like, “Yes! I would love that!” It was my absolute dream job. It was an amazing PR
agency and it was based on the Kings Road in Chelsea. There was like 50 or 60 girls
and guys that worked there, all young, all fresh, and the brands that we looked after
were like Molton Brown, Avon, again Jo Malone, [Suku 00:10:06], some really big beautiful
brands. Bare Escentuals was another one that I loved. I worked there for about 18 months, I think.
I loved it. I learned so much from that job and I still use some of the things that I
learned there now. It really built up my confidence. I had the most amazing boss there, and even
though I was like 22, I was very keen, very enthusiastic, and they would let me pitch
on brands like… they would let me talk in pitches for Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals,
like the Sanctuary, Molton Brown, stuff like that. They really built up my confidence and
I stepped out of my comfort zone and I loved it. It was basically my job to go and meet
with journalists every day. Have a coffee with them and tell them about beauty products. It was amazing. But, it was also one of the
hardest jobs I’ve ever had. It was very long hours. There was so much to get done. I used
to like to be the first one in the office. I used to get to work like 7 to 7:30. I don’t
know. I just loved it so much. And then, you would be leaving at 6:30, pushing it later
and later. The only thing about that job was it was two hours’ commute for me, on a good
day, because I would commute from Essex to Chelsea. It should take about an hour and
a half, but because there was always delays and stuff, it was always a bit longer. I loved working at Halpern, but it was quite
forlorn during the week. Then on the weekends, I would work at Matt’s salon and helping him
build that up and helping him PR it in the evenings. It was just a lot going on. One
day I was flicking through the newspaper and I noticed that there was a marketing director
job that was local to me, so there would be no commute. Although it was in an industry
that I had never worked in, which was education, it was basically the marketing director for
a very big independent school, I thought I would go for it because, although it was a
different industry, all of the tasks were what I did already. It was like PR, marketing,
doing a website, things like that, taking photographs and things. I applied fully thinking, “I am not going
to get that job.” But I got an interview. I went along to the interview again thinking
I am never going to get this job. It is for a marketing director. I am 24 years old, I’m
not going to get this job. Anyway, I think that must have helped in the interview because
I just sort of faked it til I made it. I got offered the job to the point of, I had the
interview, like one interview and then I walked away and I got a phone call saying would I
like to accept the job. It was a huge pay rise. It was like 15,000 pounds more than
I was on in London and there would no commute, there would be no costs for travel, and things
like that. I had to accept the job and I also kind of knew… I was 24 years old. Me and
Matt were very serious and I kind of thought, “This would be a great local job if we had
children one day.” I was so sad to leave Halpern. I left on really
good terms, to the point where the owner was like, “If it all goes wrong, just come back.
It’s fine,” but they just totally understood that the travel was really difficult for me.
Anyway, I moved to that job and I started and I was a marketing director and I had my
own big office and I had a team. It was pretty intimidating because everyone that I worked
with was an academic. They had been to Oxford or Cambridge and they were very well spoken,
and there I am like this Canadian, blond young thing like running around like, “I’ve got
an idea for this! What about that? What about this?” I really did not fit in. I felt so out of
place. Looking back, I cringe because I literally would go into these stuffy meetings with like
ten 60 year old men and be like, “blah blah blah blah blah, we could do this on a video,”…
And really enjoyed being local. Although I never ever felt posh enough and I always felt
like I was a little bit too young to be working there and I found it quite difficult to teach
very academic people the importance of marketing, I found it really hard. But I did enjoy it. While I worked there, I got married to Matt
and then I got pregnant with Fraser. I left there on maternity leave and I had 10 months
off. I came back to my marketing director role, but just four days a week. I think they
had wanted me to come back full time because after a week or two of being back… And it
was really difficult for me to go back and leave Fraser, like I really struggled with
separation anxiety and setting him to nursery and all of this. Anyway, they sat me down
after a week or two and were like, “Yeah, I don’t think this whole four day thing is
going to work. You kind of have to come back full-time,” and I remember thinking, “I don’t
want to do that. I’m not going to do that,” so I started to look for another job. Amazingly, there was another smaller independent
school looking for a marketing person, but they only wanted someone three days a week
and they had a nursery on-site where I could put my baby into and then be there at work.
So my work was there and my baby was here in the nursery. It was incredible. I applied
for the job, got the job, which again, was amazing. I worked there. Again, that was really
great. That was very flexible. After about a year of working there, I got pregnant with
Caleb and so I left there on maternity leave and then I had a year off with Caleb and then
I went back again. I was working three days a week. Caleb went to the nursery. It was
all very nice. And then, I worked there for another two years and then I got pregnant
with Jackson. And then I went off on maternity. They must have hated me. I just kept getting
pregnant. It was while I was off having Caleb that I
started my YouTube channel, and I basically started my YouTube channel because I loved
watching other YouTubers, like Anna Saccone, AmandaMuse, [inaudible 00:16:18]. I used to
watch all of them and I used to get a lot from their videos. I was like feeling a bit
isolated as well, living the UK with all of my family in Canada. I was like, “I wonder
if anyone could get some tips from me, from my mommy stuff,” so I was like, “I’m going
to do a video on my experience with weaning.” I put that up. You can see it. It’s my first
ever video. It is cringe, but Fraser and Caleb are so cute in it. But so yeah, I put up that video and I didn’t
think too much of it, but then I got a few really lovely comments about it and people
saying it was really useful. My sister watched it because she had a baby, and a few of my
[NCT 00:17:00] watched it or like my friends watched it. I was like, “Oh, I really like
this,” so then I just literally kept uploading videos like every week to YouTube. While I
was at work, I was also building my YouTube in the evenings and weekends. It became a complete hobby of mine. A lot
of my tasks were PR, marketing, website development, taking photographs, editing them, uploading
them, and all of that transferred to my YouTube channel really well. I think it’s been quite
helpful that I worked in marketing before and that I can use it in what I’m doing today.
But yeah, I hope that this video was interesting. That is where I am now and who knows what
the future holds? Who knows how long my channel will last. I must admit, I do feel quite old
to be on YouTube. I’m 34 and I keep thinking, “Am I too old to be on YouTube?” But even if my channel only lasts while my
kids are very small and I can work from home while they’re small, then that is incredible
for me. So yes, ask me any questions you have in the comments. I hope that this was useful
and you got something from it and it wasn’t the most random video you’ve ever seen in
your life. But, yeah, thank you so much for watching. I will see you soon. Bye, guys.


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