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My Story ep.02. My Research in Brain Capacity beginning | English | Sikander Sultan

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh okay so as mentioned in my previous video I will talk about the Research that I started back in 2006 and the purpose was to know more about our Brain and The Storage Capacity that we have in our Brain so I started doing research in this field and very soon I came across this new knowledge that our Brain has Capacity of 2.5 Petabyte which is equal to 2.5 or 2.6 Million GB Data so you open your laptop or computer and see how much storage capacity it’s got maybe about 1 Thousand GB maybe science will progress and we’ll have more 2 Terabyte 4 Terabyte 10 Terabyte we are talking Petabytes we are talking about Millions of GBs of Data 2.6 Million GB data and if I put it in words If You have a Life of let’s say 400 years and You start Storing the information in your brain from your Childhood till your Death for 400 years non-stop if you store information in your Brain you still have more spare capacity left in your brain so I was so fascinated to know Why would Allah give us so much Storage Capacity? and is there a Way where we can Access this deliberately! so what are we talking about? we are saying that Looking at Information Once Store it in Your Brain, Read an Information Once Store it in Your Brain, Listen to Something Store it in Your Brain, so it’s like literally Photocopying Information in Your Brain that’s Impossible! Is any such thing Possible? that was the whole Objective of the Research! one thing I learned from KPMG being one of the Big Four one of the biggest firms in the world They have branches all across the world Right, so they have systems in place that has helped them become the number one so now now what have I learned from them? Many Rules one of the rules says that “Whatever you want to accomplish in Life” instead of struggling yourself Find a person who already has done some work on it who are expert in that area ‘Go and Learn from them’ so the Rule is very Simple Find a person who knows the stuff ‘Go and Learn from them’ so that’s exactly what I did because I moved countries just to gain this knowledge of being a Business Adviser which Alhamdullilah I did Learned about Accountancy, Learned about Business, Learned about Corporate Structuring, Taxation you name it Right so I took that advice Seriously and I started looking for people who have mastered this ability of Controlling their Brain Inshaa’Allah in the next video I will share my journey with you like who did I meet and What information did I get? and What type of sockets did I plug into my Brain or cables that go into your Brain to be able to Control it Access it Is there such a thing or is it Wi-Fi as the science progressed from cables to Wi-Fi now so we will discuss all this Inshaa’Allah in the next video, Assalamu Alaikum

2 Replies to “My Story ep.02. My Research in Brain Capacity beginning | English | Sikander Sultan”

  • I have just found your channel like 30 minutes ago …. This has been the MOST PRODUCTIVE 30 minutes of my life…. I had no idea that we could access our brain's storage capacity as you said, it is fascinating to do such a thing. LOVING IT!

  • Amazing! this is never heard of. I am going to share your channel with my network of hundreds on social media. Happiness comes from Sharing. Thank you Jeorge for finding this Gem!

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