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#myNCstory – ELTE/OSLT programs lead newcomers to Canada down road to employment

– [Allison] Today we’re welcoming the ELTE and OSLT part time students. They’ve come a long way. They’ve been in our program since January, and tonight we’re
celebrating the milestone of their overall success and completion of this part of the program. – [Voiceover] How the pulled reviews. How they could reduce their test anxiety. – Not only is about their
milestone, but it’s a celebration, another completion. It’s another step moving
forward for each student. For some of them, this
program has been a determining factor on transferring into
a workplace environment. And the connections they
meet here and the networking and all the different
opportunities they receive. – [Natalie] In my field,
I see volunteers coming through the door everyday. And the most common trend are jobseekers right now, currently. So it’s a great way for
the ELT programs to really get their feet wet and get
excited about volunteering. We can’t over stress the
importance of networking. – [Leslie] This is my second year with the Niagara College
students partaking in this program at our company. And they actually worked in my department the past two years, and I’ll tell you, the last two, even with the
current on we have right now, it’s been a great opportunity. – [Jane] It’s like a family, actually. Even though we come from
different backgrounds, it’s very supportive,
and we all work together. Help each other along. – [Voiceover] All of you made a decision to come to these classes,
to try to make a difference for your ability, to get
into either the workforce, or continue your education. – [Voiceover] I feel so great and so happy to finish this course. And I appreciate the college to give us this opportunity to finish this course. – [Lydia] We’re Japanese
and feel very glad. And it’s very nice to join this program and to meet a lot of good friends. – New friends, people. – It’s a good experience for us. High five, right? (laughs) (drum music)

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