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New Google Play Policy Updates

Hey! This is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, let’s talk about some of the
recent updates on the Google Play Developer Console. Now, if you develop
Android apps and have apps on Google Play, you may have gotten an email from
the Google Play Developer Console last week with changes to their policy
updates. Now, we get these every so often. They’ll make certain changes, they’ll
send things out, for the most part. I just ignore them. But, you know, this
time, it was actually pretty interesting. First of all, I don’t know if you, guys,
get this but every time I get an email from Google Play Developer, part of me
just sort of, you know, it just goes, “Oh, my God!” Like my heart stops for a second
because if you’ve ever gotten the email that says your app has been
suspended or temporarily suspended or your AdMob has been stopped for whatever
reason, a part of you just goes into disaster mode. And
that’s happened – that’s happened to be just a few times, but enough so that
every time I see the email from Google Play, you know, part of me just sort of
shrinks even though I haven’t done anything wrong. I think it
would be the same like if the police were knocking at the door, like if I look
through the curtain, saw the police were knocking at your front door, part
of me would sort of freak out even though logically, I haven’t
committed any crime. It’s just sort of like that. So, anyway, once I got over
that little bit of shock that Google’s emailing, oh, it’s just a policy
update. I read through it and it’s actually – was actually pretty interesting.
But very much like an Apple thing. So, if you – if you look at
that email, they talked about it made some changes to the base guidelines and
things like that. But you know, some of these links are really interesting. First
of all, there – have a bit more guidance here on spam and minimum
functionality. And so it says here on the – if you go through that
page it says, “We don’t allow apps that spam users or Google Play such as
apps that send users unsolicited messages,” which makes sense. “or apps that
are duplicated and low quality.” Now, that low quality thing sounds a
little bit subjective. A lot like Apple is, but I don’t think we’re gonna
have as much trouble with it. In fact, when I saw this spam area on the
new – on the on the policy updates, the first thing I thought was, ‘Oh no. It’s
just gonna be like having to go through that process again and the nightmare
that we’re having at the moment with with Apple.” And the stuff that we had in
the past trying to make sure that it’s not low quality, but it’s also trying to
make sure that, yeah, like it’s that subjective nature of it. So, make sure
that it’s good enough for an application. I mean, it makes sense from a
user’s point of view. I don’t know how they’re gonna police that but, you know,
some of these other things here are a bit interesting. So like
Message Spam, like you should be able to send out SMS or email without
the users knowledge, that makes perfect sense. I mean, none of this stuff is
really worries me. This Wizard Spam area here, there’s a section on
Wizard Spam saying, “We don’t allow apps that are created by an automated tool to be
submitted to Google Play by the operator on behalf of other persons.” So, if you
have like a like an automated tool like say AppyPie or business – what is it -BizApps
or whatever, those kind of things should go on your clients
you know Google Play – on their own Google Play accounts and not on your own,
so, all this kind of stuff. And it really makes sense that it shouldn’t
really affect. I mean, for me, it’s not gonna affect me too much because it’s
something I insist my clients do, anyway, is to set up their own Google Play
account, to set up their own iTunes accounts. And the other thing over here, there’s
another tab here for Minimum Functionality which is really – it’s
hardly anything. It’s just – it really just says, “Common violations: Apps
that don’t install, Apps that install but don’t load and Apps that load but are
not responsive.” So, yeah, for me the thing that that I need to look in is the ANR
request. So, one of my apps has – it’s not a high amount of ANRs, but is
about – it’s about two and a half percent of users get ANRs on Ear Spy and the
reason – and I went through, look through it and try to find out what’s causing that.
It’s really because we’re checking the App Store and validating purchases,
it’s just one of these things we need to make sure the Internet’s online and all
those kind of stuff. So, little stuff like tha,t but it’s really interesting if you
haven’t looked at this, it’s so easy to ignore these emails, is to have a
look at it and see what’s going on. I’m a bit concerned about the spam
stuff just sort of the broad terms that’s being used, just
because like with the App Store – with the Apple App Store, it’s
obvious you get a good review, you’re okay. If you get a bad review, r you’re
not, it’s a very subjective. But with Google Play, you know, I
think it’s a lot more automated, so hopefully, we’ll be treated much more
fairly. But anyway, I just wanted to bring that to you guys’ attention. If you
haven’t seen it, it’s you know. very interesting and all that stuff. So anyway,
that’s it for today. Also let me just – I’m gonna try to get into habit of saying
this each episode. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe and
all that – Comment and all this stuff. That’s it for today. That’s it for
this week and I’ll talk to you, guys, on Monday.

11 Replies to “New Google Play Policy Updates”

  • I laughed too much about your attitude when you receive google play console emails because this is happening to me too๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • I think Google Play and Apple app store requirements are the only user agreements I have ever read, no pressing the next button on those. On another note Android Studio 3.0 came out this week and looks great.

  • Just been thinking about the ANR rate. In the google play console, the "Bad behaviour" ANR rate is 0.47% and one of my apps has been flagged red for just surpassing this. With light of what the new policies state, I'll be performance tuning in that app as a matter of priority! And these days it's a lot easier as Android Studio gives code/performance analysis.

  • What do you think about the Google's policy on fake reviews? I've never seen Google did anything to stop apps with 1000s of fake reviews. They're clearly manipulating the search results. Is there a way to prevent this?

  • Can i use google drive file share url in my web type app for play store ?
    Basically I want to know is it allowed by play store ?
    Normally play store is not allow URL Web base App.

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