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New Visions Course Overview Video

The Ulster BOCES Pre-University
New Visions program offers high-achieving
high school seniors the opportunity to explore one
of several different career choices, all while
still in high school. I found out about the New
Visions health program through a few of my friends. And they told me the
amazing things that they had been seeing, and I decided
to apply to it because it would really help me understand
if I really did want to go into the medical field. This is the best thing
that could have happened to my senior year, because I get
to play music almost every day, and I get to learn
new things that I had no idea about with music. These programs prepare
students for college and the real world of work by
offering honors-level courses. There is work. It’s hard. Being in a band, it’s hard work. You have to learn to
cooperate with people who you don’t always have
the same ideas as, especially in a setting like this,
where we didn’t all meet up and say, hey, let’s be a band. We were put into a band. And we tried a few different
bands, we had to do that. And then, the other
half of our day, we don’t just do band practice. The other half of our day,
we’re on the computers, learning about the science
behind the music and all the technician stuff. So, it is work. We have tests, we do
all of that stuff. But it’s fun, because we’re
doing work about stuff that we love. We all love music
here, and that’s what we’re doing work
on, so we’re actually interested in it. It’s rigorous, and it’s
hard, and it’s good for you. Because it’s just a whole
new level of learning. It’s out of your
element, so you’re trying to learn as if you
are in college when you’re in high school,
which is different, and you end up
better off for it. I feel like I’m more mature
than a lot of my peers because of it. I feel like I have
a really good chance of doing well in college. Pre-university students
get ahead of the game by earning college credits
while in high school, which also helps to put them on an
early fast track to a college diploma. Where are you going for college? I’m going to Ulster
Community College. For at least two years. And then, any other plans? I originally thought about
going to DePaul University for education,
which is in Chicago. Those accepted into
the program are engaged in hands-on
learning, and therefore gain a deeper understanding
of their subject matter. You can’t get this
from taking a class. I mean, what other
high school senior is able to say that
they’re watching surgeries while everyone else
is in the classroom, and getting to see patients,
getting to see CPR, getting to watch a patient
be intubated, and see that lifesaving treatment? We all started
building robots out of these little kits of parts
that you screwed together. And you could put
motors on them, and then you could hook them
up to your computer and program them. There were controllers
that you can make them do certain things. You could also program
them to work autonomously, so they would carry out
certain tasks by themselves without having to be controlled. So, that was fun to learn. It was a new experience,
something I wasn’t used to. Prearranged internships
give students opportunities to work with professionals
in their chosen fields, and showcases their
talents and capabilities to prospective employers. We got to visit actual
places, actual businesses, and shadow them, see
what they actually do for their specific jobs. I got to see what it’s
actually like working in this specific field. We do hands-on. So, they get to work right
next to some of my engineers. Right now, they’ve be
doing a lot of quality, a lot of documentation, to make
sure the parts have been good. I want to get into programming. I do have one student that I
actually hired on part-time, so he’ll be getting more
involved with the day-to-day. If you think you’re
up for the challenge of a pre-university program at
Ulster BOCES, then enroll now.

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