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Nói thế nào về điểm yếu của mình khi dự phỏng vấn?

you’re answering this question you don’t want to just have a litany of things that you do wrong on a daily basis that’s not what they’re looking for and I don’t think that’s really how they even want you to answer the question for me personally whenever I’ve been asked this in an interview I kind of tell them I am not necessarily a details person and sometimes things kind of slipped through because I’m more concerned about kind of working ahead of deadlines and staying on top of a lot of different things and making sure that work is moving and then I’m not sitting on a lot of stuff so as you can see it’s kind of spinning the the weakness into a strength or how they play into each other so I think it’s part of a part of your answers needs to be figuring out what is the silver lining of the weakness that maybe you do have and how can you turn that into a strength that is still kind of valuable to them to the employer

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