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(LOUIE) Extended Campuses students, welcome to NAU Career Services. This short informational video will help guide you through career resources that are available. We know that as an Extended Campuses student, you have many reasons for attending college. Some of you are looking to obtain further education in your career field and move up. Others of you are working to get your degree and move to a new career field. NAU Career Services has resources and tools to help you wherever you are headed. (Danielle) Right out of high school I began working in the construction field and now I am looking to move into a career that I truly enjoy. I decided to go to college to earn my Bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice but I am unsure of what I can do with my degree. (Narrator) NAU Career Services has numerous web resources to help you explore career options. The first place to visit is This site has “Career by Major” sheets which describe career options based on major, and career exploration assessments like AZCIS which can help you determine some of your strengths and values. (Danielle) Okay, I have some ideas about possible careers and where my strengths are but I am unsure of what to do with this information or even how to narrow this down. (Career advisor) Danielle, I’m happy to hear that you’ve taken the assessments in AZCIS and have looked through careers by major. Now let’s talk about how to narrow down those fields and do more research. (Danielle) Thank you for helping me figure out a possible career direction! I am really excited to start working on these opportunities. (LOUIE) It is great to know exactly what career field you want to be in, but it can also be helpful to have some assistance in applying for positions and perfecting all of your materials. NAU Career Services can help with that as well. (NAU student) I’ve been in my current field of work for some time now, but I wanted the opportunity to move up in my field of work, so I came back to school. I have almost completed my degree and want to start applying for these positions, but I have not created a résumé or gone on an interview in a while. Have styles and formats changed? (Narrator) NAU Career Services has numerous web resources to help you prepare to get the position you want. The first place to visit is This site has an abundance of resources to help prepare you to apply for positions. You can click on your college’s page and get information about what resources are available in your college or by clicking on “Career Resources” you can review networking tips, information on how to write an updated résumé, or tips for mock interviews. (NAU student) Okay, I updated my résumé but I need another pair of eyes to review it, and I would really like to do a mock interview to prepare for an upcoming interview. (Career advisor) If you would like your résumé or cover letter critiqued or a mock interview there are lots of great resources to help you. Check out the Career website for contacts, contact your local community college, and do not forget your network. (LOUIE) As you can see NAU Career Services has a lot to offer! You can explore possible careers or career preparation materials by looking through our web resources. And when you want to talk with someone, there are many great contacts available on our website, at your local community college, and within your network. We look forward to working with you!

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