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Hi, I’m Charlie Crist. As Governor, I want to welcome
you to the opening of the new sales institute at the Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship
at Nova Southeastern University. This is a very exciting moment for all Floridians. This institute will have to our tentative
workforce by giving them the tools they need to succeed in corporate America. This year Florida was ranked number one in
the nation for its workforce by CNBC’s America’s
Top States for Business rankings. The sunshine state is home to the best talent
in the world. We are committed to creating a highly skilled,
innovative work force across all sectors. I am proud of the role of workforce plays
in driving Florida’s businesses into the twenty-first century. The partnership with Sandler Training will form
the most comprehensive state of the art sales training in Florida, and possibly the nation. I applaud the innovative vision of Dave Mattson,
CEO of Sandler and Huizenga School Dean, Mike Fields. Thanks to all for supporting this tremendous
venture. Enjoy the celebration and God bless you. You might not realize it, but you’ve been selling your entire life. Whether you’re trying to win someone over
in an interview, sell a product to consumers or an idea to corporate executives, everybody
sells. Doctors. Lawyers. Architects. Artists. Sales skills are fundamental for success
in business and in life. Communicate, negotiate and persuade more effectively
and everything’s possible. Facts are facts: sales is one of the only career
paths that have seen continuous growth. A recession-proof career? Sales. Unlimited earning potential, flexible hours and complete mobility? Sales. More people earn over a hundred thousand
dollars annually in sales than in any other profession. Eighty five percent of CEOs
got their start in sales. Twelve billion Americans are in sales related fields. That’s ten percent
of the entire U.S. labor force, Including thirty two percent of all working
women. Sales drives the nation’s leading industries.
One out of two college graduates start their career in sales. More college graduates are employed in sales
than in all other professions combined. 1.7 million employees are needed to fill sales and sales
related occupations. MBA graduates earn thirty five percent
more than those with a bachelor’s degree. That’s 2.5 million dollars over
forty year career. So…one question remains: Are you sold on sales? The Sales Institute at the Huizenga Business
School. Bachelor’s, master’s and certificates in sales. The finest sales facility in the nation. Maybe it started with a lemonade stand, or that classic lunchbox snack swap. The fact is, some people are born to sell. Then again, most of us aren’t. The ability to communicate, negotiate,
convince and persuade is crucial to the succes of every aspect of
business, and life. That’s why Nova Southeastern University’s
H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship is pleased to introduce the Sales Institute. Hi, I’m Tony Segreto. It is my pleasure to be
your host of this video tour of this truly incredible state-of-the-art facility. Created with insight gained from conversations
with leaders of fifty top corporations and incorporating the proven techniques of
world-renowned Sandler Training, The sales institute is the first facility
of its kind in South Florida. 8,200 square feet of state-of-the-art
technology and a specialized curriculum designed to teach the art and science of sales give Huizenga Business School graduates
an edge in the most competitive job market in history. Come on, let’s take a quick look around. This is the sales institute’s executive conference
room. An elegant, multipurpose room with an expansive
balcony capable of hosting everything from formal
dinner receptions and cocktail parties to large-scale seminars for up to 170 guests Rich cherry paneled walls conceal eight big-screen
HD monitors, as well as the world’s most advanced videoconferencing
capabilities. All controlled via wireless smart-pad technology. The Sales Institute’s sixteen presentation and
interview rooms are each equipped with high definition flat screen monitors and multiple video cameras to capture and record student performances
for real-time feedback and analysis. This valuable information will be used by professors to
help students accentuate their strengths and eliminate any previously unseen habits. The goal? To build and instill confidence through practice, practice, and more practice. All sessions are captured electronically and stored
in each student’s secure digital file, allowing them to see their progress over time. Ultimately
they can use these files to create a professionally designed video portfolio of their skills, to
share with potential employers. Companies seeking an effective way to train
large numbers of employees at one time will love these cutting-edge facilities. Working
with their own instructors or a Huizenga Business School trainer, up to one hundred employees can learn a new
technique, practice it in the presentation rooms and return to the group for review and critique.
All in the same day. Corporate recruiters will have access to these
rooms to meet our graduates in-person or from anywhere in the world via advanced video
conferencing, using the same secure technology as the U.S.
government. Field recruiters can instantly share video
of every interview session with their HR offices and arrange follow-up videoconference
interviews right on the spot. The Sales Institute’s twin sixteen seat conference
rooms were built to give students vital experience presenting to larger audiences. They’re equipped with the latest AV systems
for instantaneous playback and are also available for corporate use. These offices house the Sales Institute’s full-time
faculty of sales professors. Each and every one a professional educator with years of experience
in the field and in the classroom. And finally, we take you to the heart of the Huizenga
Business School: The Career Development Center. This is where the best-prepared pool of new
talent entering the job market have the chance to connect with top recruiters for internships
and employment opportunities. And companies will prosper from hiring graduates
already skilled in the latest selling techniques and practices. By developing curricula in concert with many
of today’s largest employers and enhancing the skill sets of our students
to meet their needs, the Sales Institute ensures every
Huizenga Business School graduate leaves here with the tools to hit the ground running.
From the Sales Institute at Nova Southeastern University, I’m Tony Segreto.

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