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Mm hm Steak Wow my hair is just getting super blonde and I’m running late and I need to know if it’s raining today. All right, I have to head out and I will see you guys out Leah’s house. Bye! So, I’m at Leah’s house and I’m here with And Leah is making us dinner. What is it called in English? Korean Seafood Pancakes Let’s try this. Thank you we uh, thank you Cheers Mm Cheers Mm I like it, it’s really good. Scallions What vlog will this be in? The up coming one. About what? I have no idea. *laughs* I just came back from Leah’s house and I just got my second booking for doggie daycare, and I’m very excited. He is a six year old Rat Terrier. So cute! So if you guys are watching this vlog, you are in for a treat. I’m gonna be having a special guest tomorrow and I’m really excited. Look how crazy my window looks like. You can’t really tell what the lights, but there’s so much fog outside. Okay. Yeah, that’s not gonna work. But oh, yeah, look at that. Isn’t that insane? About to wash up for bed right now and I just wanted to pop on here and kind of get unready with you guys. I’ve been breaking out a lot this month. I think I’m just — my body’s going through some hormonal changes. Which is just normal and it’s fine happens and I’m actually not even mad about it but now when I start breaking out I actually get an excited for it because it’s like the perfect chance to see if these acne products really work for me. I’m gonna show you guys up close on my chin This is kind of an active pimple right now. It’s just kind of surfaced It was like this huge cystic acne and it was so painful and it was throbbing and just like perfect timing because I actually got sent some really cool Acne Patches. It’s for a brand called Karatica and it’s called I’m Cure Patch. So the coolest and innovative patches I have came across and I wish I was the one who discovered these because these are awesome It comes with two different types of patches if you guys can see, these little dots that you see in the middle they’re actually micro needles and they’re filled with salicylic acid, niacinamide, centella What it does it seeps into your acne and it’s supposed to heal it. You’re supposed to keep it on for one to two hours maximum and I put one on when this was like a huge cystic acne and the next morning I swear to you the swelling went down. What I’ve noticed what these patches is that the healing process is a lot quicker. I would see pretty big improvements in just two to three days for something that would take me five days or even over a week and that’s probably because of the salicylic acid that’s inside these micro needles and after you use the first patch which is the micro needling the one. You put on the second one and basically this is just to help protect your acne from any other irritations. Instead of just covering up the pimple. These patches have ingredients that will cure your pimple from its core So if you guys are a big fan and users of pimple patches like I am I would definitely recommend these and I think it’s worth a shot. About to go to a print store to print some photos for my apartment. As you can clearly tell my apartment is extremely white and bare and I need to hang some color on it. I have a friend back in, California she is such a good photographer. She just takes the most beautiful photos and I just want some elements of like beach and california vibes in my apartment of looking at different sites to purchase prints, but honestly I think her work is so good and she was so nice to give — give me the files. So I’m gonna go to a print store and print these up. This is mainly the wall that I really want to do something with it’s just so bare, you know I don’t know why but I really love this color and just take whatever is on my lips and just like and that is literally all I do for my makeup now. I just fill in my eyebrows a little bit and that is the look. So easy. I’m off to the print shop now. Let’s go I’m just kidding. Need to measure. Wish me luck. I’m trying to load it through my USB. Were you talking about this one? Yeah, this is amazing. The subtle gradations. I didn’t — I thought it was an illustration and then I saw the rest of the photo, and then I went oh my god, this is a real image. Pet-sitting today like I told you guys Come here. Good boy. Wait, do you know tricks? Wait, sit. You’re a smart boy. I go through phases with peanut butter. Right now, I’m all about it. I don’t actually have a toaster right now. I just picked up a package as I was coming up from my walk and I got some clothes from Kooding. It’s been a while since I bought some clothes and I’ve been wearing this Manila shirt quite a bit in my vlogs. I got it from a viewer at my Manila meet-and-greet in the Philippines, and I’ve been just wearing it all day, every day. So I’m going to try these on for you guys actually. So you guys can see what they look like on. So this is the first sweater that I got, I really love this. This whole green color is a really trendy right now. Personally don’t think I can pull off neon colors very well but this one is like more of a pastel Melon bar ice cream color. It’s just very cute. I’m also really feeling these pants. They’re not white jeans. They’re really stretchy and they’re very comfortable. I rolled it up at the ends and it just gives me more of a casual fit to it. So this is kind of a bold look for me. I don’t typically buy dresses in this color and in this point, I usually go for really long dresses. I would probably throw over something. Well, this is a very girly outfit and I haven’t worn something like this in so long. Here walking the dog and the weather is so amazing. I’ve been waking up really early to walk dogs. I must say it’s really nice. Such a beautiful day. It’s actually supposed to rain today but we got some sun instead. So it’s gonna be a good day. You can see a squirrel.

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