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Occupation Cannot Defeat Me

one of Gaza’s advantages is having
a sea where you can go and just express your feelings whether if you want to scream or just say silent I have many dreams but maybe for people
outside Gaza these dreams are rights like the right of traveling I feel that this right was stolen from me 2017 marks the year number 50 of occupation I sometimes think that they succeeded in occupying our minds which is more dangerous than occupying the land itself you always think about your basic needs you keep thinking about the things that you cannot get all the things that make your life a real life some people do not know how to tell their stories and how to express their feelings and their emotions and everything they go through everyday I’m the voice for these voiceless people it’s my passion to tell a story I have to express their suffering their daily life or even their success stories the impressions of people towards my
stories towards the short documentary films I make maybe it’s the only thing that makes me happy you can’t give up you can’t just stay looking at your life going going the path that you did not choose for it life goes on even here in Gaza life goes on the Israeli occupation cannot defeat me because I do not give up so it cannot defeat me

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