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Occupation of Czechoslovakia 1968

100 Replies to “Occupation of Czechoslovakia 1968”

  • This was the second event of the end of communism!But thanks God not fall so much innocent blood as the first one,1956 Hungary.But Psychologically was the same destruction.Really dramatic radio sounds and pictures, same as 12 years before in Budapest. Any translate to english? Thanks to the uploader!

  • Yes, it was worse in Hungary 56. Believe that epoch will not return. There are English subtitles. Just touch CC.

  • Thank You, with subtitles much more shocking! Very good upload! I'd like to upload the 4th Nov-1956 5:50-7:07 last Free Hungarian Radio speeches (also with english subtitles). Your work is good inspiration for me. Yes, I also believe they will not return. But we need remembering and don't forget what happened in those times. May God Bless our Nations!

  • lol they attacked , left the ppl with past german heritage alone, raped the ones with eastern origins…..they made ur land into churn of mud…..and moreover USSR just invaded czechoslovakia, and hungary to remind those dumbfucks (who sided on the nazis side during ww2) not mess up…and they just gave an invasion as form of punishment to ur past crimes against the soviet ppl in the eastern front …

  • Firstly, get some appropriate arguments and write properly.
    And now to the hypotetical crimes we 'did'.
    What crime did we do to Soviets? Not to the Soviet people, to the USSR bolshevik monster. The development of capitalistic pre-war Czechoslovakia? Political asylium for Russian etc. disidents?
    If this portrays a 'crime' then we might be and are proud of that.
    Give me some of the crimes you have mentioned!

  • The most ridiculous thing I have seen recently!
    If you used common sense and knew history then you would realize that Czechoslovakia stopped existing after betraying Munich treaty and was replaced by the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. And if you know definition of a 'protectorate' you can imagine the situation. But as I can see history does not tell you anything!
    Rather keep calm and do not troll here.
    Pěkný den!

  • Someone who knows absolute nothing about the history of my country should rather keep quiet, especially if one is a Russian peasant.

    Pěkný den, užij si trofej a hleď si sám sebe.

  • Benes degress- Thank you Russia for doing this, the Czechs did much worse to innocent civilians after the war. The Czechs have tried to cover up their eager killing of Jews and their profits made in WW2. Bohemia was not damaged in the war. Forever, I shall applaud the Russian terrot on the Czechs- Come Back to them!!!!

  • We've grown up listening to gunfire in films, but this is real gunfire, real bullets, aimed to kill real people. The implications of that made the end radio piece even more disconcerting. I wish it wasn't so difficult for all of us to just live in harmony. But nope, we all gotta be greedy and such.

  • Thank you! I know what you said. Prostitute nation. North Korea? O RLY. I dont have great leader and have internet, hate Putin politics . Your media demonized us stfu.

  • Ignorant is you. You did even know that 80% of Soviet communist are jews,ukrainians, georgians etc etc and Russians died too. You scum never understand what is war, genocide, death and torture. You dont know what is Leningrad siege or burning villages in Belarussia. "bloody criminals, rapists, torturers, and murderers, worst of the 20th century" it's you doing in Yugoslavia 1941-1944. Russia rise again and USA dont care about you shitty small nation. And WTF I saying about Nazis?

  • Holodomor??! Omg this is famine not only in Ukraine. In Volga region (Povolzhje), Kazakhstan, and other regions of Soviet Russia people died too. Stalin responsible for Russian civilian casualties in WW2 yes? Talk about numbers and victims? Who killed more Poles nazis or communists? Your so nice relationships in Eastern Poland with native Belarussians and Ukrainians yes? Do you know about Wolyn, Operation Visla or Bereza-Katynska prison. Stalin killed during Great Purge and famine 1930-s, all.

  • Blaming nations for the crimes committed by now extinct political regimes is insanity. Don't be an idiot, the Communist regime in Russia was shaped by a multinational clique (including Jews, Latvians, Poles, Hungarians, etc.), and it were the Russians, who suffered most from it. The spread of Communism could have been easily avoided, had the Triple Entente intervened and toppled the communist usurpers. Yet it didn't; later it committed the same crime when it didn't react to the rise Nazism.

  • Nevíte o tom nic-mlčte.Tisíce zmařených lidských osudů,pláč a zoufalé prosby bohu… a hlavně ten mráz co přišel poté…Pro jistotu-mám 60 rokú a vím o čem mluvím

  • Czech people need to wake up from their deep sleep amnesia !

    They need to stop blaming Russians for their own problems !

    Czech Republic is allready 23 years independent state, member of EU and NATO.

    But harsh economic problems Czech republic is facing today are still there. Huge uneployment rate, big financial problems, cronical problems with inflation, svere credit rate, no bank reserves, ageing and uncompetitive industry…

    Wake up, and stop blaming others for your incompetence !

  • Germans failed misserably in Soviet Union !

    Shame that we Russians didn`t used nerv gas in Czechoslovakia in 1968, or nuclear bomb !

  • LOL. r u kidding? we have one of the most stable financial sector in Europe. our inflation is pretty low. unemployment rate is also lower than in "developed Europe", our industry is much more competitive than others… please go check facts brother…

  • please… tell me something about molotov-ribbentrop you hitler exfriend, ok? anyway we dont care about your fucking nation. we just hate you. and please tell all of those idiots of your useless nation to go back from my country. every year the number rises and rises… why they still go to our fatherland?

  • as i know Russian engineers, i wouldn't be surprised, if they destroyed your useless country during the try to do nuclear attack in Czechoslovakia… so be happy your noobish idiots did not do anything 😀 😀

  • you fucking dummy… he wrote "i dont like that people use this video to hate Russians – as we can see in some comments…" but i disagree with him. because you are really stupid and i hate you

  • you stupid american… go learn history and than write something pls. ok? you cant start searching on wiki these phrases for example Munich Agreement, Lidice#Massacre, Occupation_of_Czechoslovakia

  • So stabile financial sector that you still cannot even introduce the Euro currency. After so many years you still lacks the basic fundamental criteria for joining the European Monetary Union.

    Czech money is extremely volatile and unstabile currency. That is why basicaly nobody uses Czech currency in global trade or has savings in Czech kronas. Today Czech kronas will have value, tomorow it will fall and crash. So nobody wants your money.

  • Unemployment is rampant in Czech economy and is getting worst and worst by single day. All the big international investors and companies fleed out of Czech republic seeking for new oportunities by investing in high growing markets like Russia, China, India, Germany, Turkey… Soon Czech republic will face massive unemployement rate and huge budget and financial cuts.

    It will be moore painfull than Soviet invasion in 1968 !

  • Your country has been unable to do structural reforms in Czech economy for decades now. Your country simply cannot adapt to global markets and globalisation. Basicaly Czech republic lacks many basic instruments to fight huge erosion of their industry and manufacturing. Czech republic does not posesses nor money, nor technology, nor knowledge, nor big financial or bussines incubators to tackle with ever moore bigger competition from abroad (Russia, China, Germany, Turkey…)

  • I would not be suprised if someday Volkswagen group would consider to move Skoda factory from Czech republic into soome more competitive and high growing market with cheap labour force (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, China, Malaysia…)

    The same thing as Renault-Nissan is now considering about moving production of brand Dacia from Romania into Morocco.

  • Are they stole the land and property (Charles University for example) of the Germans who built Bohemia, Czechs have nothing left to survive on, Perhaps what they have done to others was correctly done to them, 1968 and in the future

  • You have completely no right to express any of your thoughts. It is because is just voice of poor Hungy or child of those Mongols who came to Europe on befallen horses few years ago. Everybody knows and I believe u too, but you feel ashamed of your descent that you have not place in Europe.

    You have always been vagabunds and you stay vagabunds who never meant anything in the worlds history and neither presence.

  • to bad for my grandad that he killed over 20 soviet pilots and lived peacfully in democratic republic til 2001 :3

  • Russia was occupant, not liberator. For us, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Hungarians etc etc etc the WWII ended in 1989, not in 1944.


  • I will tell you something.. Charles university is named after the Czech king and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (today germany) Charles IV. So he was a czech king on "German" throne :D. Bohemia (today the main part of czech republic) is over 1000 years old 😀

  • yes it was INVASION.. It should be a war if we would decided to defend ourselves. Moscow told to other countries (Poland, Hungary etc.) that we are under attack from the west and sent armies to Czechoslovakia "to liberate" us. Even russian soldiers belived that they are liberators… before they were hit to their heads by stone or Molotov cocktails :D. Western medieas didn´t know much about it because russians wanted to hide it. But it was an military aggression from Warsaw pact on their member.

  • i heard that the kgb lied about the movie the bridge at remagen and said the tanks and weapons used for the moive and the actors where sent by cia or something stupid thing like that.

  • To je hnus… myslím, že si málo lidí uvědomuje, že další volby budou také o tom, zda se chceme vrátit do vlivu těchno našich "osvoboditelů" z roku 68….

  • Ubohost, vyloženě ubohost, když vidím, jak si tu ten Rusáček prosazuje svou. Alespoň je vidět co jsou Rusové zač, a že by jsme na rok 1968 neměli zapomínat.

  • First…the Red army liberated Prague in 1945, secondly your invasion to our country in 1968 was act hostility and arrogance.
    We love yourd country and people in 1945, we loved Russia in 1948, but for what you did in 1968…we never forget.

  • Russia is the shame of all Slavic nations. Thank you  for your international help in 1968 and murdering of our innocent childrens.

  • The comments from Russians are amazing.
    I cannot imagine a German trying to justify WW2. However Russians do not feel guilt at all for all murders they committed.

  • Not even as brutal or bloody as what Russian did to my Finland.
    Oh fucking hell their comments make me so fucking mad!!!

  • Fucking communism. Russian and Czechs during the Russian Civil War (1917 – 1922) fought together against the Communists. Russia is not communist. Forgive us brothers!

  • Well, i thought that modern russians are more ashamed, 'bout their history. I'm not talking about Czechoslovakia crisis only. I'm talking about all states, which were in Eastern bloc and were controlled by soviets. And what i see here? The best example of typical Russians, whose thinking, that everyone is scared of them. We are not scared. I'm sooo disgusted of behavior of the russians. Please, go home, open normal history textbook and look what you russians did to all of us… To almost all states on the world. Why are you doing this? Why you need all the parades, all the ammunation? Why are you fighting against us?! All what i want to say is, that Russia need to realise, that we are now in 2017…. 21st century… Look at our society! Everyone is afraid, we are not enjoying our life, because there are threats like ISIS! Russia needs to fighting with terrorists with us. We are not your enemies and we are definitely not your slaves! We are your allies! I'm not saying, that we love you and i'm not saying we hate you… There is still the year 1968… But a lot of people needs all of us and we are just here, complainig about who is the best. No one is best, we all have our lacks. I know, that this video is little bit old, but i hope, that there is someone, who is reading this. There is no reason to be angry. We cannot change the past… No one can… But we can change the future, but only together. It's long time run, but we can do it.

  • московити так завжди роблять, а потім кажуть : Нас там нет, як з Україной вцей час!

  • Ой, не надо ля-ля. Чехи мало получили по соплям от Витебской бригады. Вся причина крылась во Вьетнаме. В 1968 году на вьетнамский праздник Тет 30 января вьетнамские партизаны дали крепко прикурить американским агрессорам и южно-вьетнамским предателям. Самая лютая схватка была в Хюе. В Сайгоне так, вообще, американское посольство разгромили к чертям . После этого америкосы решили, что не сломать им ОВД и коммунистов. Они решились подкупить одного из членов ОВД. Выбор пал на Чехословакию. Дубчек деньги отрабатывал. Брежнев с Громыко прочухали это дело и ввели войска. Это был 2-ой сценарий цветной революции после Венгрии-1956.
    И правильно ввели войска. Зато сейчас стоят с плакатами: "Русские туристы, вернитесь!"
    А если бы прокатило у Дубчека, то следом за "социализмом с человеческим лицом" Чехия вышла бы из ОВД, затем отошла бы Словакия, после заныла бы Польша и все остальные любители свободы. Брежнев всех в кулаке держал, деньги давал, Советский Союз во всех странах-членах ОВД заводы строил, а взамен получил предательство. Чехи мало получили по соплям от Витебской бригады, частей ГДР и болгар. Пусть спасибо скажут, что приказ был стрелять в воздух. А вот после американских пуль на поражение из-за угла чехи огребли по полной программе.
    Госдеп пришёл к выводу, что не сломать им ОВД. Они потом решили, что надо ломать верхушку СССР и подкупили Горбачёва. Впрочем, это совсем другая история.

  • We do not believe the Russians. We do not believe Putin. You do not have to go Slovakia. We do not need your help. Мы не верим русским. Мы не верим Путину. Вам не нужно ехать в Словакию. Нам не нужна ваша помощь.

  • Classical Soviet imperial aggression against a country that tried to democratize. Of course, justified by completely elusive arguments, which one third of the population still believe in Russia today.

  • pamětníky roku 1968 bych dal do jedné místnosti s příbuznými milionů obětí české NATO okupace Iráku sýrie,libye ,srbska, jugoslávie, a řekl bych jim ted vy zrůdy můžete vysvětlit proč jste povraždili miliony lidí

    mezi miliony obětí českých NATO okupací byly statisíce dětí které nikomu nic neudělaly a český zrůdný havlofašismus v NATO je povraždil


    čr je dnes spojenec německého okupanta v NATO a EU ,němci povraždili 360 000 čechů to je VLASTIZRADA, němci plánovali vyhladit čechy a všechny slovany general ost,

    proč tento zrůdný režim je spojencem německých okupantů, a proč odškodnil hitlerovi kolaboranty katolickou církev majetkem za stamilardy?
    je to proto ,že se 1989 dostali k moci hitlerovi pohrobci?


    200 let terorismu USA: Přehledný seznam všech amerických válečných zločinů, teroru a válek

    Kapitalisti = lživě demokrati financovali a vytvořili nacisty, klerofašisty ,fašisty :i radikální islamistické organizace alkajdy :: důkazy :::
    Kapitalisti financoval Hitlera – dokument BBC 1998 české titulky youtube

    Kapitalisté, církev a nacisté, jedno jsou…,

  • There is nothing that changed in last 100years in that corrupted poor Russian hole, they are still the same occupants as they were before. It’s our job to remind our children not to trust Russians and lecture them to think before they act because all decissions have consequences not only for them but also for the next generations.

  • Czech and Slovaks. These countries are full of nationalistic and heros peoples. Slovaks are strong and nationalists. Czech wanted surrender allways i underatand. We dont forget you communist pigs what killing young peoples on streets. I remmber of frienda dieing in streets. One boy meet polish officer on street (Slovakia). And officer give him pistol. Boy said, NIE! (No). And officer take pistol and shot him.

  • Hey, Czechs, I've never seen you complaining/screaming about 1938, when you were sold by the West to Germany as bag of potatoes, you never commemorate it publicly as you did 1968 anniversary in 2018. Why? Guess coz you have German dick in your arse and mouth at the same time now and can only mumble…

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