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Occupational therapy as a career – a student journey

Hi, I’m Beth Anne Dixon and I’m studying
to be an occupational therapist at university I decided to have a change of
career after many years of working in marketing I wanted to have a career that
would give me more job satisfaction and I really enjoy working with people I
think occupational therapists help people to do the things that they need
and they want to do that they might have difficulty doing through a physical
illness or a mental health problem through aging just generally getting
older somebody might need more help to stay in their own home to do their own
shopping and it’s very important to most people to keep that independence and
occupational therapists can come up with creative ideas to help them do that. Occupational therapy is a way of working with people to enable them to achieve
their potential we may be working with people to prevent ill health and help
them to maintain well-being, we may work with people who are already ill to
recover or we work with people who may be ill or disabled and will not recover
or may even get worse but the aim throughout all of that is to help people
to maintain independence and carry out the occupations that are important to
them and make them feel that they have a value and a place within their own
world and their family and with society we come from so many different
backgrounds as students and we range from starting the course from age 19 up
to 50 so everybody brings something completely different to the course and
sharing that background, that mix, helps. Okay, what I would like to do today
is its recap a little bit what we did last week.
Initially there’s a lot of learning theory and anatomy/ physiology and the
occupational performance requirements for people to perform daily activities
that basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology is very important to a daily
working life of an OT I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
in 1994 I’ve been using the wheelchair for about seven years. It makes a huge
difference without the wheelchair I wouldn’t be able to go out I simply
would stay at home and be house bound. I didn’t actually know what the
occupational therapist was or what they did and when they came around and
assessed me I was surprised just how much they could do and they could help
me An Occupational therapist will help people to use their wheelchair safely
and independently it gives somebody a lot more independence so that they can
they can get an out and about you have to make sure that the wheelchair is
suitable for the individual if they are putting too much pressure or the
wheelchairs too tight or too big they might slip or slide and develop
contractures or even pressure sores if they’re using that wheelchair for any
length of time. In a home, for instance, you need to ensure that in a kitchen or
in a bathroom items are within reach so it needs to be safe safe environment so
an occupational therapist would visit a home somebody who was about to receive a
wheelchair to ensure that their home was safe and recommend adaptations were
necessary we have some trainings are moving and handling training
specifically and we also use the anatomy and the physiology lectures that we’ve
been given to understand how people’s bodies move and work and which joints
for instance would take the pressure where somebody’s needs to have extra
support once we’ve got some of the academic
stuff and education stuff under our belts then we send out on
practice placement in hospitals or lots of different settings that’s when you
can’t duplicate somebody with Parkinson’s disease with a fit 25 year
old student it helps to understand the basics but I think it’s very important
when we go on placement we learn a lot okay in this session we’re going to
examine the area of understanding mental health When I applied for the occupational
therapy course I didn’t realize that occupational therapist worked in mental
health settings as well so that was quite different and quite new for me
there’s a lot of confidence-building helping people to become part of society
again and to work with others. Studying to be an occupational therapist has
helped me learn so much more about myself I think if you want a career that
can be varied but is based on the same principles so that you can you can work
with people from six months to 90 years of age, and you want to be flexible and
you want to be creative, it’s perfect for you. Make a difference: become an
occupational therapist. Occupational therapy: helping people to live life
their way

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